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Calls to drop Scotland’s gay blood donation ban gather political momentum

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Reader comments

  1. I do not understand the comments about hepatitis B, or why 12 months blood ban is required, surely ALL blood is checked for blood borne infections and donors are screened for exposure to risk of other infections which do not only apply to gay men.
    That is why blood samples for testing are taken in addition to the donated blood.
    I was recently screened for STI’s, including Hep B and got checked for effective immunity; as I had a 3 course vaccination against Hep B and a Hep A vaccine, over 12 years ago.
    I had to return for a retest for HIV as the test is only accurate within 6 weeks of possible exposure. And when I returned for that, It had been checked if the vaccines for Hep B that was given over 12 years ago was still optimum. I was told I was negative for Hep B, but that I needed a booster of Hep B vaccine which I was given at the STI clinic. Incidentally, ( If you have not already been vaccinated get it done when you get a check-up. )

  2. I would be the first to say that minimisation of risk of blood borne infections in donated blood is of paramount importance, but being gay is not one of them, it is the risk of exposure to those infections. there are as indicated above reliable tests for Hep (apparently distinguishing between vaccination and infection antibodies ) and a test for HIV of exposure after 8 weeks. so unless the reasoning given for this 12 MONTH ban is in reference to something else other than the reasons stated it is nonsensical and is based on prejudice rather than science. That being the case it should be based on risk and behaviour not the sexuality of the donor.
    The safest method of receiving blood is still prior self donation if going for a scheduled operation and if you meet the criteria for donation and it is not required it can be added to the blood bank.

  3. When life is in desperation and in need of blood? Why should sexuality matter if that blood has been screened properly for any viruses/blood born diseases? Im A+ and always donate, even if my Social Anxiety Disorder means Im scared of just being out with ‘The Outside Scary People’!!

    I will always support the change in this draconian law as its not right and its discriminatory. Sexuality? You should ALWAYS practise safe sex no matter what sexuality you are.

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