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US: Conservative commentator upset that CNN called anti-gay group anti-gay

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Reader comments

  1. What utter nonsense. Ever since it was spawned from Colorado’s antigay Focus on the Family US Christian Right group, FRC has opposed all LGBT rights legislation, not marriage equality alone, from the time of decriminalisation under Lawrence v Texas (2003) onward.
    If it oinks, tastes like bacon and has a curly tail, then it is obviously a pig.

  2. Beelzeebub 14 Oct 2013, 8:48pm

    Dear PN.

    Please get your stories from based in NewYork.

    This second hand journalism does no favours to the people you CLAIM to represent.

    Please explain. This was news to me 2 years ago.

    Or is it all about the crap advertising bringing in money.

    PS. It crashes Adobe flash on everything. Ever heard of memory leaks. Well ADOBE flash does it best.

    I give up. Ben Cohen doesn’t give a backside about his readership. Given that you can barely read it through the over exposed FLASH advertising.

    1. You obviously have a problem with Pink News. I’d suggest remedying it by not reading it.

      1. Beelzeebub 15 Oct 2013, 5:45am

        Its called constructive criticism.


        1. Here’s some constructive criticism… invest in a decent computer. My Mac is perfectly fine presenting this site.

          A bad workman always blames his tools.

  3. Pity CNN was not more up front on the issue and just called them what they are, a Hate Group trying to disguise themselves as a religious concern trolls.

  4. Ah. Now I get it. You can advocate preventing black people from having equality but you’re not a racist. You can advocate preventing gay people from having equality but you’re not anti-gay. Glad I got that straight.

    1. Reality is a mystery to them……..

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Oct 2013, 10:32pm

    According to the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), FRC is listed as a hate group and this jackass says it’s not anti-gay only against equal marriage? It doesn’t endorse civil unions, doesn’t believe Don’t Ask Don’t Tell should have been abolished, doesn’t believe gays should be protected in the delivery of goods, services and employment. The list is endless.

  6. What morons. They’re lucky they weren’t called what they actually are: A Hate Group!

  7. As we say in the U.S.; if it quacks, has a bill, feathers, and webbed feet, chances are, it’s a duck.

  8. It seems to be a requirement that all Christian extremists be as hypocritical and nonsensical as they can possibly be.

    I’m wondering if they actually hand out badges for being the most intellectually challenged Christian in their club.

    But, I suppose, if you believe in a magical sky wizard giving orders from above, having a basic intelligence is going to be pretty impossible.

  9. So, tell me how opposing equal marriage is not anti-gay…

  10. Jean-Pierre 15 Oct 2013, 6:32pm

    This FRC comment (among many others) is false. The FRC is against all gay rights, not just marriage equality. It opposes even the right to keep your job if you are gay.

  11. Richard the Big Bunny 16 Oct 2013, 1:16am

    Don’t believe that for a minute — I live here in the US — the Family Research Council (FRC) would have us all in gas chambers if they could get away with it.

  12. Best headline ever on this site! We should things by their right name.

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