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UK: Man jailed for harassing gay neighbours and urging for gays to be ‘put down’

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Reader comments

  1. Beelzeebub 14 Oct 2013, 2:34pm

    “…..“go back to where they belong”

    And where would that be.


    1. Exactly. More than once I have heard or read of homophobes talking about lgbt people as if they physically come from somewhere else, just the way they might talk about racial or ethnic groups they disliked. The ‘alien’ or ‘different’ can’t be from round their way. A mark of their particular lunacy, I suppose.

  2. Rather than prison, I think these obviously uneducated buffoons should perhaps be forced into further education.

    When you hear some of the completely nonsensical things such idiots preach, it’s obvious that in many cases the reason for their behaviour is simply ignorance and a very low IQ or awareness of the basic standards of civil society.

    The money spent on locking them up would be better spent forcing them to learn, thereby giving them the basic tools to live in the society the rest of us live in.

    It’s pointless locking him up with a bunch of equally uneducated idiots, just to be released in a few months having discovered and learned absolutely nothing at all, except perhaps how to be more antisocial and potentially more violent too.

    This isn’t rehabilitation suiting the crime, it’s punishment for punishments sake and solves nothing at all.

  3. Stephen Mole 14 Oct 2013, 3:03pm

    Oh dear, poor love. Doesn’t he know that a man stands 99% more chance of being homo raped in prison than out of it? Let’s just hope for his sake that some smelly old lag doesn’t take a fancy to him.

  4. This is actually happening to me and my partner now! CPS not interested. Still, It’s heartening to know that such abuse IS taken seriously by the judicial system!

  5. Peter Gregory 14 Oct 2013, 3:13pm

    It shouldn’t be seen SOLELY as an anti gay problem, & not just magistrates but also judges have NO CONCEPT of the effect of harassment on trashing peoples’ lives (they live in a DIFFERENT WORLD), need an education course about anti- social behaviour. I read horrendous stories of people whose lives have been made a MISERY- a NIGHTMARE- not just gay- for up to 10 years. The perpetrators usually have “issues”- maybe mental problems, which leads then to hate/ harass people. I think the problem about other cases is that police just aren’t trained or are biased I spent a USELESS 10 years on police committees- (wanna be abused- join a police committee). Usually, in my experience, the police harass the complainant.

    The Islington police abused and threatened me after I complained about a homophobic and racist neighbour destroyed my bike, for NO reason. The police were really abusive. In response to 5 five complaints from me, they eventually received “words of advice” Oh YEAH GREAT

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