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NOW: Part one of Stephen Fry documentary about homophobia airs tonight, BBC Two, 9pm

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  1. It was quite a good programme, but I thought Fry lost his temper too readily. I couldn’t help feeling it would have been a better documentary with a more impartial host, in a more Louis Theroux style.

    1. I have to admit that I haven’t seen this yet, but the reason ties into what you have said.

      I become enraged when I hear the views of Humans with so much ignorance and arrogance that they feel they have a right to attack and dictate to others.

      I don’t care whether it’s on the subject of sexuality, religion, class, race, gender… anyone who believes that they are “superior Humans” and believe they have a right to control and dictate to others based on their own “ideals” is a sickening waste of skin in my opinion.

      I would be enraged too, had I had to listen to such complete bullsh*t from mentally deranged individuals in the way that Stephen has.

      It would have taken every ounce of strength and civility I could muster to not lunge at them and beat them to a bloody pulp.

      Society needs to refuse these individuals. If Hitler existed now, having interviews like this, would we give him this platform or power? These freaks are no different to him, it’s the same mental illness over again.

  2. I thought it was excellent, though really Stephen Fry could have sat back and allowed the homo hysterics to just condemn themselves with their own words. Perhaps getting the Ugandan minister to repeat his comment about “right rape” (so that people could believe what they heard the first time) would have been telling. The minister by the way is an ex catholic priest.

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