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NOW: Disney reveals first bisexual character in fantasy television series

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Reader comments

  1. That’s great. Except after reading the headline and before reading the article, I knew in my mind it would be a female character. We haven’t evolved enough to make it a male bisexual character. Or I should say the male studio bigwigs haven’t evolved enough. This story/character arc just plays into male hetero fantasies. Don’t see it as a huge step really.

    1. Doctor Who has Captain Jack who’s bisexual, he’s always my little beam of hope for these things <3

      1. He is actually asexual he loves men, women and aliens lol

        *Wish he would come back though :(

        1. I think you mean pansexual. That means being attracted to people of any gender or lack thereof. Asexual means not experiencing sexual attraction, and there is ample evidence that Jack does find people sexually attractive.

          1. Sorry I missed the p oops

  2. And I thought she was upset because of Philip!

  3. Big Fracking Deal! 2 lesbians. Every Hollyweed producer’s fantasy.

  4. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Can’t wait to see this develop…. tho i’m sad that this spoiled the episode for me

  5. I’m actually annoyed. I’m a shipper of SwanQueen, which has more sense, more chemistry and more importance in the story. This is just a way to distract people with a side story.

  6. Are people in this discussion thing being serious? So lesbians on the screen are just used for titillation, there can’t be any other reason? My god, you realise what you’re doing is just another form of bigotry? I’m proud to be a lesbian, and lesbian story lines are even rarer than gay male story lines. Pretty much every show has one gay male character, but it’s way less for women, we’re basically treated as though we don’t exist. Thank god for shows like Pretty Little Liars and Glee, otherwise we’d hardly get any representation. It’s opinions like you are showing, that lesbian characters are only there for some kind of male gaze, that continues to perpetuate the stereotype. Personally, i’m happy about this storyline, we need an ass kicking queer woman, not really had a decent one since the 90’s, so i say yay OUAT, and shame on all you people saying because it’s lesbians it’s less important.

    1. BISEXUAL! The character is noted in the article as bisexual, not a lesbian and there are far far fewer of those on TV.

  7. jeanguy cassista 15 Oct 2013, 3:13pm

    de toute facon vivre et laisser vivre …. le monde d aujour d hui font ce qu ils peut quand ont l argent et le pouvoir entre les mains….non alors viva l espagne l0l ha ha ha j guy twiter et google plus …

    1. Brett Gibson 16 Oct 2013, 12:57pm

      We write in English here…

  8. Neon Genesis 15 Oct 2013, 8:57pm

    I’m not bothered that it’s a female character but I am bothered that they’re still playing on the “LGBT characters can never have happy endings” trope.

  9. Brett Gibson 16 Oct 2013, 12:57pm

    Good lord this company has barely just gotten the grasp of a mixed selection of races on its shows.

    Early days people early days. Also, shame on all you people who are saying that it’s some how the easy way out to put a woman on. Don’t get mad because we live in a deeply patriarchal society where the views and needs of heterosexual males always come before those of others.

    At least these people are making a step in the right direction, forwards, not backwards.

    Well done disney.

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