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Equality Network condemns threat to block Scotland’s same-sex marriage bill through courts

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Reader comments

  1. I do wish these religious freaks would just F off.

    Just which part of SECULAR CIVIL marriage do they fail to get into there god addled skulls.

    “… Aidan O’Neil, QC, who has said that ministers acted “unlawfully” by bringing forward the legislation without a full consultation.”

    They have consulted until they are blue in the face FFS.

  2. bobbleobble 14 Oct 2013, 12:32pm

    Of course they don’t think it was a full consultation because same sex marriage is still going ahead and they can’t possibly conceive of a world where their opinion is either wrong or not followed blindly by government.

    As far as I can tell the Scottish government has dotted every i, crossed every t and made damn sure they’ve consulted as much as possible. I can’t see this challenge succeeding but it might serve to delay matters.

    1. theotherone 14 Oct 2013, 3:04pm

      until after the independence vote and it will get lost in the fall out.

  3. the sad thing is that Aiden O’Neill is gay.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Oct 2013, 1:16pm

    Self-loather Aiden O’Neill was also agitating south of the border while our own Marriage Bill was being debated. C4M and the opposition were claiming the same nonsense, inadequate consultation (what a joke, the longest in history of Parliament) and a very intense, highly scrutinised debate.

    Similarly, our own Peter Bone(head), Tory MP has tabled an EDM for a referendum to delay the bill by one year from taking effect. Truly amazing that an Act of Parliament passed with Royal Assent hasn’t even yet taken effect and this loon really believes he’ll get anywhere. He should be censured and booted out of Parliament permanently but I very much doubt he will get very far with his frivolous motion. The Scotland for Marriage bigots won’t get far either.

  5. I now laugh at these stories, because they still don’t understand that they HAVE LOST ALREADY!

    The religious nutters all around the world a reeling, because they are finally, gradually, being ignored and refused. They are losing this war, and societies are moving on and rejecting their insanity, refusing to accept it in government, stripping them of their undue powers and telling them once and for all that this is not a nation prepared to continue to follow religious insanity any longer.

    The message from all decent governments should be clear – this is a secular society, based on freedom and equality, and NO religious group has any right to limit or restrict the rights of others. It’s not acceptable regardless of the faith of the fanatics, Muslim, Christian or f’ing $cientologist.

    Our nations are for all citizens, not just the religious wackos, go sit and swivel!

  6. Dangermouse 14 Oct 2013, 1:27pm

    They have lost even before they have begaun!

  7. Thing is, if you read the original article S4M clearly state that delaying the Bill is part of their intent. They have no interest in whether they can win the argument or not. All they want to do is to cause as much disruption as possible. What fulfilled lives they must all have

  8. It’s called spite.

  9. Jock S. Trap 14 Oct 2013, 3:00pm

    Yet again bigots idiots trying to be superior but actually looking more like bitter losers.

    The religious mind prefers war, murder, starvation to love and man does it show.

  10. I think we can assume they have no case; as another person said, their case is equivalent to “the dog ate my homework”, as the mis- function of their website is not the responsibility of anyone but themselves besides this must be the most consulted on piece of legislation the Scottish Parliament has ever considered.
    I would be most surprised if a court had power to halt the proceedings of the Scottish Parliament in any event, and the Scottish Government is not required to consult before the presentation of legislation to the Parliament, it is the Parliament and its Committees that is required to consult under its OWN rules of proceedure – least that is my understanding. If I’m wrong perhaps someone can correct it!

  11. Craig Nelson 14 Oct 2013, 10:17pm

    Err how many consultations have there been? If they were slipping it in at a 2am debate on a law on fly tipping I could understand the furore. I think if anything the Scottish Government should be taken to Court for consulting too much. I think first there was a consultation on whether, then a consultation on the first set of proposals then a consultation on a draft bill, then the publication of legislation and its introduction into Parliament. How much consultation do they want?

  12. “attempting to undermine the democratic process” – like going against 75% of the Scottish public(in the consultation) who reject distorted pseudo-marriage for 0.01% of the population who label themselves ‘gay’ .

    1. Ray – your are still not in the realms of reality, maybe you can get some help for your delusions, it’s just not healthy man.

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