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Australian airline apologises for ‘I am gay’ sticker on passenger’s luggage

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Reader comments

  1. That was a really hateful thing to do on the part of whichever airline employee. Presumably it was someone working on the check-in counter at the time the passenger checked in.

  2. The passenger in question has written an admirable blog about the experience

    1. Thanks for posting the link, Max.
      It makes interesting reading.

  3. Who do Jetstar employ? Children?

  4. Hi, A lot of these memes/stories about people posting pro-gay or anti-gay photos/messages to the internet have turned out to be made-up.

    How did you check this one?

    1. Why on earth would anyone WANT to make these stories up Fagburn?

      You are like a hocaust-denier. The Jews just sat down one day and DECIDED they would make the whole thing up!

      Get real.

      1. Cause they want attention and know it’s east to get it?

  5. Australia is getting a rep for being a quite nasty place with nasty people

    1. ONE dickhead baggage handler has what he calls “a joke” and you tar an entire Nation?

      Myra Hindley was a British mass murderer. Nasty place that England, pretty nasty people.

    2. Paul (Canada) 16 Oct 2013, 3:15am

      What do you expect of a nation descended from convicts?!

      … Just kidding!

  6. I was in a local pub yesterday where a group of very young footballers (12 or 13 years old maybe) were having drinks and snacks accompanied by what appeared to be their guardians or parents.
    The use of the words Gay coupled with Weird abounded and went uncorrected.
    It’s endemic and how you change it is beyond me.

  7. The way we change it, Paul, is by all of us taking action. I’ve written a report to my GPs’ surgery regarding the nurse who used the phrase “Oh, don’t be such a poof!” when I winced as she gave me a jab. It will not only be her who learns one hell of a lesson, but all those around her. Similarly, when we hear lads using homophobic language we should be brave and simply say, “Excuse me. I don’t appreciate hearing homosexual people being mocked and laughed at. Show respect” and then walk away. Nothing more is needed. Some will jeer, some will continue mocking, but all will KNOW they’ve done wrong and feel shame.

  8. I am not surprised this happened with Jetstar. I try not to fly with them since they seem to take everything as a joke and are very laid back. Not the sort of people I want to trust my life with. On the issue of gays in Aus, what can you expect when the PM says he finds gays `threatening’ and is opposed to equality. The previous (female) PM was hardly much better. It starts at the top.

  9. Christopher in Canada 15 Oct 2013, 12:24am

    This from an industry with more gay employees per acre than almost any other.

  10. Terry Schneider 15 Oct 2013, 7:49am

    What is wrong with this picture. If the message said “I am straight” would the passenger have complained about the message or the fact that someone wrote on his luggage. Every time one is called gay rather he or she is not and wants to sue gives the gay and lesbian population another bad name. Being gay or the most accurate term “homosexual” is not different or worse than being straight or the most accurate term “heterosexual”.
    See, the issue here is one should not complain if one is called gay or straight. Now if the message read sexual pervert or something similar than the person should complain because it is derogative to public anonymously to accuse someone of such.
    The gay and lesbian community needs to constantly remind the world that being a homosexual is how God made us as God made heterosexuals.

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