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Tony Abbott hints at allowing Australian MPs a conscience vote on equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. I’m SO bored with this debate now. Every civilised nation on the planet has realised that introducing equal marriage is the right thing to do. Australia …. if you want to be regarded as homophobic and backward (like Russia) then fine. If not, just stop the endless hand-ringing and get on with it, for f***s sake!

  2. You know-these so-called right wing politicians that ‘seem’ to be anti-are just taking a political position to appeal to the popular prejudiced vote.

    Their real feelings on these matters don’t come out till they gain power.

    1. Well then, they’re a bunch of despicable cowards and frauds. It takes balls to stand up for your principles and do the right thing in the face of ignorance abd bigotry. This new PM should grow some and get on the right side of history to show Oz is a modern, progressive nation – unlike Russia and most of Africa.

  3. Laobr and the Greens in favour of gay marriage? What nonsense! The last government was a Labor one, it was not party policy, and Julia Gillard before she was ousted was totally against it! Even Kevin Rudd was anti-gay marriage during his first stint as PM, and only pulled it out of the bag at the last stage of the election in a desperate hope to get some more votes!

    1. Common sense 16 Oct 2013, 7:27am

      actually it was party policy for both the Greens and Labor. its just that while all the Greens voted in favour, Gillard decided to make it a conscience vote – mainly because that is the tradition in australian politics but also because she was opposed. Since the election though there have been calls from one of the main trade unions to make it a mandatory vote the next time it comes up.

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