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Six-year-old trans girl allowed female identification card in landmark case

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Reader comments

  1. This child is not determining her legal gender identity. Her parents are.

    This is an utterly absurd story.

    why are the parents of a small child legally changing her gender. They are legally responsible for her till she is 18.

    Perhaps she is trans. Or perhaps she is beong used as a ridiculous test case.

    How will legally changing the gender of a small child benefit anyone.

    So long as her parents look after her properly there is no legal or social benefit to this.

    1. But — if this news story is accurate — this child has already asserted her own gender identity. Her parents are only giving her wishes legal recognition. Indeed, if she were to grow up being “legally male” it may well cause her unnecessary mental harm for many years. You ask how will legally changing her gender benefit anyone; well I argue it will benefit her! And that, in my opinion, is of the utmost importance.

    2. Half of what you said doesn’t even make sense. Her parents are being supportive, and changing her gender benefits her. Get your head out of your ass and get with the times.

  2. Steve, what is absurd is your lack of understanding about trans people. It’s 2013 man, get with the program. Many transsexual people know their true gender from their earliest memories. And what difference does this make to you? Absolutely none.

  3. Steve im transgender, i knew from the age of four i was different if i had been allowed to be myself like this girl is i would have had a much happier childhood, good on her parents for accepting her and getting the legal stuff sorted so she wont have to when she’s older.

  4. Hearing, reading, meeting more and more trans children. How wonderful that they do not have to wait until they have lived half their lives trying to be what they are not! If you meet them, you will have no doubts that they are clear about their gender!

  5. *Youth
    I don’t understand how people can say that someone of a young age don’t know their true gender, and the parents are the ones to blame.
    People that don’t accept surely make it harder…least her parents care about how their child feels, and isn’t it a hell of a lot better to have a parent that cares, rather than one who lets their kids roam the streets.

  6. ‘trans’ – what ?

    I feel sorry for the lad surrounded with fantasists who go along with the absurd idea that someone is ‘in the wrong body’ .The Emperor’s new clothes all over again .It’s a bit like telling an anorexic that they really are over weight and need to diet .The boy is mixed up and needs constructive help not a fantasy.’Changing sex’ is as about absurd as the idea of being able to ‘change your blood group’ – it cant be done .

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