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Kentucky Boy Scout official says 20 sponsors dropped support after gay scouts allowed

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Reader comments

  1. Why hasn’t PN bothered to find out who the 20 sponsors are, and list them so that we can take our business elsewhere?

    1. PantoHorse 12 Oct 2013, 2:31pm

      You’re confusing PN with a news reporting site and the copywriters with journalists.

      PN merely regurgitates copy form other sources to increase click-throughs for ad revenue, rarely checking veracity, rarely adding facts, rarely instigating extra investigation.

  2. Exactly. Who are they?

  3. Good question Gerry – please may we know? Pink News please publish…

  4. Name and shame them.

  5. The wording should really be chartering organizations not sponsors and almost all chartering organizations are non-profits (the majority nationwide are churches or other religious organizations, others would be private schools, freemasons, groups of people who form a community organization to charter one or more scouting units, some PTA groups [though most for insurance reasons do not charter], other community groups, etc.) not businesses. My guess is that most dropping are Southern Baptist or other conservative churches, and, I doubt many supportive readers are going to those churches anyway. Now businesses may be stopping donations but that is not what is being reported on.

    From checking on the web some Kentucky churches dropping scouts are
    Severns Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown
    Rineyville Baptist Church
    Southeast Christian Church in Louisville
    Grace Baptist Church in Winchester

  6. Well come on then – spill the beans? Name and shame these vile homophobic, bigots so that we can drop our ‘sponsorship’ of them.

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