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Jamaica: Murdered transgender teen’s house firebombed

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Reader comments

  1. William Laidlaw 12 Oct 2013, 12:13am

    How evil people are!

  2. Bruce Laidlaw 12 Oct 2013, 12:14am

    How evil some people are!

  3. They are not human,these people. Worse than animals.


    Sad state of affairs…..
    Just check these “wonderful” performances from two dancehall “singers” ranting….maybe if they substituted the words ‘batty’ with N***** they might realise their bigotry and ignorance….tragic….
    Later in the performance the words “peace, Love, no violence, non-politically” Sheer hypocrisy…

  5. Croydon Guy 12 Oct 2013, 9:14pm

    There is absolutely no sense in this arson.
    I hope there is a way we can put pressure on the police to be seen to bring the arsonists to trial.

  6. I’m a gay man and I’ve grown up listening to reggae music and having a certain passion for Jamaican music,cuisine and certain aspects of the culture. But the homohatred and ignorance just makes my feelings bitter sweet/, love hate. I’m very selected what I’ll put through my speakers and any artists that speak of hatred and condone murder and violence will not be played in my cabinet. We can’t boycott all of Jamaica it’s just the majority of gay haters we need to boycott. The British Colonial past has got all the answers to why the Caribbean, Africa, India have so much hate and intolerence towards LGBT communites. Poor Dwayne, Brian Williamson, Steve Harvey and many other gay Jamaicans have died in brutal ways due to post colonial ignorance and hatred reinforce by cherry picked bible Christian beliefs. There is lots of Reggae that sings of peace and love from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. .

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