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Gulf countries propose ‘mandatory examination to determine gender’ for migrant workers

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Reader comments

  1. There seems to be much missing from this account.

    It was Peter Tatchell who wrote for Pink News about this – and got it completely wrong, saying Qatar was introducing a “gay test” for visitors.

    Will he admit he got it wrong, and retract his story?

    1. Yeah right, because Qatar are brilliant when it comes equal rights for their gay citizens and gay migrants and we should all respect a country where it is illegal to be gay – get a grip you moron.

      If Tatchell got it slightly wrong including Qatar in his thoughts about kuwait (which he didn’t – as he was saying that other gulf states are considering what kuwait are doing), then so what, the middle east is a back water of human rights violations and the more people speak out a bout these vile cesspits of slavery, female genital mutilation, gay torture and murder, etc etc etc the better.

      1. With respect, you seem to have missed my point.

        He appears to have got the story very wrong, and now appears to be issuing statements without mentioning this.

        We all make mistakes – I do constantly – but this seems odd.

        I can only presume Pink News have not quoted the statement in full, in which case I apologise…

      2. Pink News Editorial Policy: ‘In the event that we have made an error, these are corrected as soon as we are notified of mistakes.’

  2. The article fails to mention this law wil also discriminate against intersex people. And how do they know whether a person is trans or intersex? Stupid and irrational, but it is the Middle East :shakes head:

  3. Religion of peace…

  4. Ah yes, we must uphold those islamic principles ! Stoning, amputation, beheading, genital mutilation, suicide bombing,child brides, jihad .The list goes on ———-.

  5. PN just deleted two my posts and blocked two from posting, really PN???

  6. PN operates in democracy but acts like iranian regime by blocking and deleting posts

  7. Mihangel apYrs 12 Oct 2013, 12:37pm

    and yet Iran encourages gay men to transition (go female or die!)

  8. Gender tests do not work well in sport, so how do these backward idiots hope to apply a gender test, as to discovering whether someone is gay Ha Ha HA
    This is what happens when you try to apply delusional religious based nonsense to reality, maybe they should try applying these “tests” to them selves first, and quell surprise, how many “anomalies” will they discover!.
    Totally moronic. that’s even before I get started on the international Human Rights violations involved.

  9. That is going to catch out some cis girls with undiagnosed chromosomal issues it’s happened before. Apart from being unethical.

  10. This is great! homosexuality has a biological cause! At last proof christianity had denied this for years and claimed its a choice if you can create a test its biological how do they propose to test and are they going to test themselves first and find the 10% of their population thats gay including the ruling elite? One thinks not!

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