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Northern Ireland: Judge rules Health Minister displayed prejudice in supporting gay blood ban

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 11 Oct 2013, 3:18pm

    Good but will this idiot continue to waste taxpayers money to provide himself the ability to discriminate?

    The man is a waste of space, esp in politics

  2. He should be made to pay every penny back. Wasting tax payers money on your own personal bigoted crusade is fraud, plain & simple. Throw the book at him.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Oct 2013, 4:22pm

    Good, now the court must rule that gay couples must be allowed to adopt. Poots should resign.

  4. But then, that’s homophobia for you – completely irrational.

  5. The evil Unionists will continue to block GLBT equality wherever they can. They are a monstrous anachronism and do not care how foolish they look in the eyes of the civilised world.

    1. .....Paddyswurds 11 Oct 2013, 8:01pm

      These morons are cousins of the morons who are holding the US and indeed the world to ransom over Affordable Health Care for the poor or Obamacare to you. They live mostly in what are euphemistically known as Red states or bible belt and are Ulster Scots descendents…Their real reason for the shutdown is racism pure and simple They hate that a black man is sleeping in the White House and he isn’t even the Janitor…..

      1. .....Paddyswurds 11 Oct 2013, 8:03pm


    2. Not all unionists are against LGBT equality – it’s not a good way to point out others prejudices by displaying your own.

  6. Iain Logan 11 Oct 2013, 5:18pm

    Should resign and be made to pay back the money he has wasted on his campaign of homophobia.

  7. Irrantional???

    1. I think it’s the sort of homophobia perpetrated by Iranians ….? :)

      1. I like that! :)
        I use ‘nunsense’ all the time for religious nonsense.
        “That’s nunsense!” = you’re making about as much sense as a nun.

    2. It’s a new portmanteau word for the type of madness shown by homophobic bigots whose main symptoms are long irrational rants. Poots has been a declared to be one of these officially.

      [‘Poots’ is another one (poo and toots = a wet fart that emits a little poo)]

  8. It makes you despair of democracy when you see these shamans and witch-doctors in power. But cases like this also make you grateful for the separation of powers!!

  9. Mr Poots is ugly inside and on the outside as well. A pathetic waste of space.

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