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US: Football player denies homophobic slur but apologies for remarks against marching band

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Reader comments

  1. Quote: “Raiola has been fined more than once in the past for using inappropriate language towards other players and for using vulgar hand gestures towards the crowd.” Amazing how a threat to someone’s pocket can focus their mind and diminish theiroh-so-deeply held views on ‘morality’. Disgusting homophobic hypocrite.

  2. Bit rich to be attacking people for their weight when you have more jowels than a fat farm hanging from below your chin. What an oxygen thief.

  3. These stories might be quite sad, but a more positive side to this is that just twenty years ago no one would have been calling anyone to apologize for this, if anything it would be repeated with the audience chuckling along.

    It’s better to think of these wastes of skin as being very out of date. They would have been much better off existing in the late 80’s or early 90’s when this kind of abuse was more common.

    Just think of them like that – out dated idiots living in the past, uneducated and probably almost illiterate, barely able to complete a sentence coherently.

    It makes me feel better to think of them this way, and to know what they’re a very tiny minority with absolutely no power in our countries (unlike Russia, which seems to be run by inbred neo-Nazis with barely a braincell to share between them),

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