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US televangelist compares trans people to his castrated horse after admitting not knowing what transgender means

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Reader comments

  1. Tom (Winnipeg) 9 Oct 2013, 7:18pm

    I think that this guy is the most disgusting human on the planet, to put it mildly. If he would just drop the label, “christian”, from his identity, some of the claims that he makes would not be so repugnant, since we expect some reason, at least, from those Christians. But what can you expect from a creep.

  2. I really don’t know what he is but Pat Robertson is in no way a normal straight person.

  3. It seems to have gone past the time when they can even come up with any sort of coherent argument’s, instead they resort to nothing but transparent lies and insults. In the final event they appear more and more anachronistic, backward and out of touch.

    I am surprised this demented homophobic fossil still alive? I expect one day we will find out he has been shagging his horse. Either that or like a lot of these idiots it will be children.

    Most of these bigots seem to use bigotry to hide behind some sort of sexual dysfunction or all out perversion.

    I have to say though if he has been shagging his horse it would be some sort of necrophilia on the horses part.

  4. Colin (London) 9 Oct 2013, 8:05pm

    One horrid egocentric pathetic guy.

    Great christian values eh?

    1. there are many millions like him – they are his progeny from fcuking ppeoples heads

      Meanwhile he lives like a king, flys around in corporate jets ($5000 per hour round number etc etc)

      Some parts of the bible do make sense

      A fool and his money are soon parted

      REleigion is like an induced obsessive compulsive disorder. The mind is controlled by the promise of death by fire for eternity and iff you kiss their mouthy diarhhear they will live for ever

      The key point is that the axiety is forced into the subconcious where it controls their mind but they dont feel the anxiety

      The chinese commies were masters at this sort of thing – when we got our prisoners back from N. Korea, despite horrific treatment, some believed communism is the wave of the future.

      Its generally called brain washing

    2. millions who are brainwashed give him hundreds or thousands of $$$

      Fools rush is where angels fear to tread

      A fool and their money is soon parted

      If he did this with out the guise of religion he’d be in Jail for lfie for the prob a billion he has suckered out of people

  5. Serious question. Can anybody out in the ether there tell me of a televangelist that ISN’T barking mad?

  6. Sinead Harkin 9 Oct 2013, 9:13pm

    Can I compare Pat Robertson to an ass?Wind your neck in Pat

    1. Yeh, he sure does bray a lot.

  7. Coool !! So I am a horse now !! Can’t wait to start neighing, recoiling and doing whatever we transgender people like to do.

  8. Robert Rowley 10 Oct 2013, 4:35am

    The only good thing about Robertson is that the waste of matter can’t possibly live too much longer. They day it dies I WILL be throwing a party.

  9. What is really scarey is that Americans fund this moron … and his outfit doesn’t pay tax. Why the hell don’t the gay taxpayers of the USA object to this? By not doing they are being complicit in assisting this vile homophobe to spread his messages of hate.

  10. patricia crowe 10 Oct 2013, 12:13pm

    this old man is more like the Devil himself theres nothing christian about this insensetive olg goat UGLY UGLY UGLY old Bigot

  11. Castrated horse,interesting! I suspect that this guy has had a lobotomy and a key part of his thinking brain has been removed. That may account for why he constantly spews such idiotic statements! The real troubling thing is why do people even listen to this old fool it doesn’t same much for their mental state ,as well? I forgot, they are intoxicated on religion!

    1. Interesting to note how often his thoughts are on male genitalia – of various species…..

  12. He is obsessed isn’t he. I can see him sitting at home wringing his hands together, working out what offensive thing he can say about us next.

    The irony is, we need to push for recognition and challenge the lies that are spoken by him and his like. If there were no lies, we would have nothing to challenge.

    A very sad excuse for a human who clearly doesn’t view us as people.

  13. The most depressing aspect of Pat Robertson’s recent spate of remarks is that he appears to be suffering the ravages of old age. He is becoming increasingly confused, forgets words, and often looks disorientated.

    But his viewers are so clueless, and their grasp of logic is so weak, that they haven’t even noticed that Mr Robertson (once a formidable demagogue) is now a frail, elderly man no longer able to withstand the rigours of constant media appearances. His continued presence on his tv show is testimony to the venality of his people and the insensibility of his fans.

  14. ‘I just cannot believe that the normal people in America, the people who want to just live their lives can’t be allowed to do it without having this stuff imposed on them constantly.’
    That is exactly how I feel about your insane little cult, Pat.

  15. Christopher Coleman 8 Nov 2013, 6:09pm

    Does the Bible permit the castration of horses?

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