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US: Jailed lesbian teen won’t apologise for underage relationship

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Reader comments

  1. This is very tragic, Kaitlyn Hunt is just a naive kid herself and the vindictive homophobic parents of her girlfriend have really blown this way out of proportion and ruined Hunt’s life.
    It’s a very sad situation that got out of control but that said if I had a 14 yr old daughter I imagine I might feel equally protective, I still think a prison sentence for Hunt was much too heavy handed.

  2. If after being warned twice to stay away from the victim, being arrested, charged with two felonies, the threat of being a registered sex offender and two separate no-contact orders from two different judges is not enough deterrent for an adult to keep her fingers out of a 14 year old child, then that adult is not only a sex offender, she is a predator.

  3. Paul Essex/London 9 Oct 2013, 9:25pm

    I can fully empathise when she says she was never educated on dating laws. Until I was 14 the age of consent between two men in the UK was 21. When I turned 16 I was oblivious about this and the fact that if I had had sex with another 16-17 yr old boy we both risked being charged with underage sex (whilst his mother could have done practically anything with me and it would have been completely legal). Until the campaign to equalise the age of consent was re-ignited when I was 19, I’d no idea that if I’d had sex with 16/17 yr/old, as few a of my straight 18/19 yr/old peers were, that unlike them I risked being convicted of statutory rape and probably put on the Sex Offender’s Register. As for it being illegal to have sex in a hotel or residential properties whilst a third person was in that property until shortly before I turned 23, I was equally oblivious. The parents WAITED for her to turn 18 and then pounced, they knew she didn’t know and used her young naivety to have her jailed.

    1. They are hardly going to change the age of consent to 14 are they. She has made a mistake and engaged with a child. She can now move on from this. I knew at 14 not to have sex. I hardly think it’s a case of homophobia. I think Hunt was just a bit naïve. More education is need to teach our children about the dangers that can happen in relationships.

      1. Common sense 10 Oct 2013, 7:30am

        actually there are several countries where the age of consent is lower than 14. In the USA most states have 16 as the age of consent with several allowing consensual sex over the age of 13 as long as there is an age difference of no more than 3 years. In Florida the age of consent is higher at 18, but individuals under 23 will not be prosecuted for consensual sex with 16 or 17 year olds.

      2. Paul Essex/London 10 Oct 2013, 11:40am

        Up until 2003 there was no age of consent between two females in the UK, it wasn’t even recognised as a sexual act. So on that basis, if she’d been in the UK just over ten years ago that girl could have been 12 and there’s nothing that the authorities could have done. Whilst a male the same age as her could have been convicted of statutory rape for sleeping with a 17 year old boy. Did you know any of this at that age? Because I certainly didn’t. I don’t know what the laws are in Florida r.e. sex between females but if she was brought up in an environment that didn’t even recognise lesbian relationships (two women living together down the road or the odd rare plot line on a TV drama really doesn’t count), then it’s hardly surprising she wouldn’t know the legal technicalities that applied to her sexual relationships.

  4. Hunt also sent naked pictures of herself to her ex girlfriend and this in itself is a punishable crime taking their ages into account. Children in schools ‘sext’ each other and risk being put on a Sex Offender’s Register at such young ages because they are naive.

  5. Geoffrey Marsh 10 Oct 2013, 9:21am

    Forget all the ballyhoo about gay marriage, it’s sexual awareness education for teens that’s the real need. After almost 50 years of legalisation in Britain there is still no state support for gay kids coming to terms with their orientation, thanks mostly to mad Margaret Thatcher and her Section 28. It’s a tough journey to make and there are too many suicides along the way.

  6. I know this won’t be a popular view – but she still comitted an obvious crime. Regardless of the sexuality involved, she was a fair bit older than the younger girl.

  7. Ryan Jaymes 10 Oct 2013, 1:49pm

    I was 16 when I had my first gay sexual experience, as was the guy I was seeing at the time, however it wasn’t until after that I found out that we were both not of legal age, although my hetrosexual mates were legal to have sex at this age. I think everyone should be made aware of the legal age limit when sex ed is taught in schools otherwise we risk this happening again.

  8. Nonny Mpuse 10 Oct 2013, 2:59pm

    Fascinating how everyone is talking about “girlfiiend” rather than “victim”.

    Eighteen and seventeen – maybe. Nineteen and fourteen – not credible.

    “Good morning, I’m the person abusing your daughter – can we have a chat about it over coffee and muffins?” doesn’t work, somehow, does it?

  9. “She Says she wishes she could have spoken with the girl’s parents”
    Perhaps I am recalling events wrongly but I understood that the girl’s parents had warned her several times before getting the police involved.

  10. David Besaw 13 Oct 2013, 8:15pm

    What I Don’t get is that she is now the Victim. Really? She was ask to stop before charges were filed, Her parents lied about the the ages on there web page and Blame the Victims parents. I have no Sympathy for this person she and her parents were fully aware of the consequences of her behavior and when caught cried foul and discrimination. One thing i can agree on this all show her emotional maturity and the fact she maybe a sociopath.

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