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Challenger to anti-gay marriage New Jersey Governor: ‘My gay daughter is not a political agenda’

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  1. Colin (london) 9 Oct 2013, 8:10pm

    Sounds to me that Democratic Senator Barbara Buono has Chris Christie by the ..painful. Well put lady and you are right. Human rights for minority groups should not be decided by a ballot box.

  2. ALL politicians have “political agendas”. That’s their JOB.

    This is simply more ample demonstration that Chris Christie is a perfect moron.

  3. I would like to See Christie defeated. Sadly that is unlikely. New Jersey Is a republican stronghold. I think this will be resolved favourably eventually.

    It will be interesting to see however, what effect closing down the US government will have on the election.

    Barbara Buono is absolutly right, the majority should not decide on human rights for a minority.

    This has already been passed by the state legislature but Christie refused to sign it. The Democrat’s say they have enough votes in the state senate to overturn his refusal. I will be interested to see that.

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