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US: NFL footballer accused of hurling homophobic abuse at marching band

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  1. Ian Bower 8 Oct 2013, 5:55pm

    Personally, after witnessing so many instances (thousands upon thousands) of homophobic instances I now take a ‘zero tolerance’ approach. An apology is worthless without reparations.
    If this, or any other person, ‘apologises’ for making a homophobic comment, doing a homophobic action of any kind, make them prove their apology has sincerity by getting them to do community work with direct benefit to LGBT people or pay a substantial sum (as a percentage of their income) to an LGBT charity.
    Apologies are empty without proof of sincerity.

  2. James Savik 8 Oct 2013, 10:18pm

    roid rage…

    The Lions aren’t known for their social graces.

  3. friday jones 8 Oct 2013, 11:02pm

    Looks like the man ingests his attitude in the form of steroid-enhancing “supplements” to me. A man who artificially shrinks his own balls and has a second chin the size of his forehead has no standing to insult the sexuality or weight of anyone. Next thing you know he’ll be taking his ironic behavior to a new low, by telling people they smell badly, even though he reeks of exotic chemicals and locker room musk.

  4. Perhaps if he were SUSPENDED from the team for the rest of the season……..he might be a little more SORRY!!

  5. This repellent thug really doesn’t appear to be in any position to comment on anyone else’s weight (or anything else, for that matter).

  6. As a lifelong band fag, I shrug. In time this will pass.

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