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US Author of ‘flawed and misleading’ study backs similar in Canada

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Reader comments

  1. Would be more aptly titled “the impact of homophobia, bigotry and social exclusion on LGBT families and their children”

  2. Scott Rose 9 Oct 2013, 1:12am

    Douglas Allen, author of this new anti-gay junk science paper, is on the board of NOM’s Ruth Institute. Like Regnerus, he is part of NOM’s “Expert Witness Project.” The Allen paper is based on the 2006 Canadian census, which has notorious reporting problems for gay people. Allen separated out the children of continuously-married heterosexual parents. He compared them for high-school graduation rates, against all persons thought ever to have lived in a household with a gay adult present. Marriage equality became law in Canada in 2005. The study is of the high school graduation rate from the 2006 census. The oldest a gay married couple’s child could have been in Canada, while enjoying federal level equality, was one-year-old. Do you know very many one-year-olds who have graduated from high school?

  3. Scott Rose 9 Oct 2013, 1:12am

    Sign and share this petition telling ASA authorities to hold #Regnerus accountable for ASA Code of Ethics violations:

  4. Yet another horribly written PinkNews article. The author seems to have no idea what the problems are with the Regnerus study. He/she brushes the concerns aside as if they’re minor technicalities. The fact is that NONE of the “gay” parents in the Regnerus study were gay couples who raised children together. The “gay” people he included were mostly in STRAIGHT marriages. Regnerus called ANYONE who had ever had a gay encounter “gay” and he went looking for broken homes that included someone who fit this definition of “gay”. So he pretty much compared the children of stable families with heterosexually married parents with with the children of broken homes; homes where at least one of the parents cheated; unstable homes where at least one of the parents had ever had a homosexual encounter. THAT is why his “study”, FUNDED BY A RABIDLY ANTI-GAY AMERICAN ORGANIZATION and then “published” in a pay-to-play “scientific” “journal”, has been discredited.

    1. Scott Rose 9 Oct 2013, 4:07pm

      It is in fact disappointing to see an LGBT-interest news site stating that Regnerus studied people with parents in a “gay” relationship. In October, 2012, Regnerus the NOM shill confessed to Citizen Link, apropos of his survey respondents’ parents “I do not know about their sexual orientation.” Obviously, if a researcher does not know about his respondents’ parents’ sexual orientation, neither he nor anybody else can claim that he did a study on “gay parenting.”

  5. gerard rodgers 9 Oct 2013, 10:27am

    These studies are beyond belief – why you would want to waste money on inflating or deflating a sexual identity as a determinant of children’s developmental outcomes? This is purely driven by ideology, you start with a hypothesis and you get your results to fit. This is not research.

  6. bobbleobble 9 Oct 2013, 11:25am

    What always gets me about this sort of thing is that when a study comes out showing positive results for gay parenting then those opposed start screaming about how gay parenting hasn’t existed for long enough and there aren’t enough gay parents for the results to be meaningful. However, suddenly those problems evapourate when a study comes out which claims to show that gay parenting is a bad thing.

    Of course neither of these studies actually show anything much about gay parenting at all but rather that kids with turbulent home lives don’t do as well as kids from stable ones.

  7. Does Regnerus not know when to shut up? He’s backing old news. Douglas Allen didn’t do original research but simply tacks his own views onto others’research.

    Here’s what the author of Rosenfeld (2010) said about Allen’s commentary:

    “Allen et al. violated a fundamental rule of causal order, which is that later characteristics ought not be used to predict earlier events”


    “There is no statistically significant difference in making normal progress through school between children raised by same-sex couples and children raised by heterosexual married couples after family socioeconomic status is taken into account”

    This is not news. Stability and economic status are the key indicators for child outcomes.

    1. Scott Rose 9 Oct 2013, 4:04pm

      Sign and share this petition telling ASA authorities to hold #Regnerus accountable for ASA Code of Ethics violations:

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