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Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw slept with woman as he thought being gay was a phase

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Reader comments

  1. “Told The Sunday Times”???
    Isn’t it Tuesday now, Pink NEWS?


  2. Couldn’t the same be said of most gay men? It would certainly represent most gay men my age and older.

  3. Dave North 8 Oct 2013, 8:41pm

    I remember when I “came out” at 24 and my father said it was a phase that he went through at that age.

    I was more shocked than him.

  4. Colin (London) 9 Oct 2013, 7:07am

    I did the same…A four year relationship thinking I’d grow out of it. I loved her but not in that way. Sad eh.

    The wonderful woman and I are still friends and I was the one who talked her into dating her husband. And I phoned her one minute after he asked her to marry him….honest. They are happy with 2 lovely girls.

    Lifes rich tapestry.

  5. In my view, he could continue as fully straight. It’s not late, he should go back to that point.

    1. Back to acting straight you mean? I think he quite clearly said that he is over acting.

  6. Ha gaaaaaaayyyyy

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