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Poll: 57% of Brits don’t believe B&B owners should discriminate against gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. I would have hoped that number would have been much higher. It proves that either people are still ignorant of the laws protecting the rights of people in the provision of goods and services – or – Britian is still very homophobic

    1. Dave North 8 Oct 2013, 8:45pm

      Most people do not know about the laws that govern their lives.

      Too busy trying to earn a living wage and lulled into cr@p like the X Factor and other such mind numbing drivel.

      Britain is not so much homophobic as it is stupid.

  2. Colin (London) 8 Oct 2013, 5:34pm

    Our society is moving forward with young people leading the way. We must be visible in everything we do so that society get to know us and see us as “normal” ordinary (well) caring supportive people.

    In business the times when I had trouble were with the older generation. Good people no doubt (well) but controlled by religion

    57% is a pretty good start in my book. Proud to be British.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Oct 2013, 5:44pm

    Not a bad number, better to start with that than have 57% against. Still a lot more progress to be made.

  4. It just shows the different generational attitudes. In years to come, future generations will be even more desensitised to the whole issue of homosexuality! To the point where it won’t be an issue for most people!

  5. Does it matter? It may be uncomfortable for some, but you can’t base equality law on popularity, you could end up with a tyranny of the majority. I’m sure the decriminalization of homosexuality didn’t have majority support at the time, that doesn’t mean it would have been a good reason for it to remain illegal.

  6. Screw what 33% think, the law already says tthat it’s illegal to discriminate in the provision of goods and services.
    The Bulls are a couple of tyrannical “religious” lunatics who wish to discriminate against gay couples and as such it would be better for everyone if they were no longer in the business of running a B&B hotel.

  7. soapbubble 8 Oct 2013, 8:35pm

    And they are STILL going on about how they should be allowed to refuse gay couples in their B&B!! They have claimed that they have been ‘hungry and cold’ with no customers and might need to sell their house. Well that’s because no-one wants to stay with you and you live in the middle of nowhere in Cornwall! And damages of £3600 ought to be covered by their insurance policy.

    I don’t think gay people should be sending them death threats or intimidating them. That’s out of order, and really doesn’t help our cause at all if we start behaving like homophobes.

    These people who run these B&Bs and are anti-gay are in a serious need of a wake-up call. If they refused to let me stay, simply because I was gay, I’d sue them to high heaven, as I’m sure many other self-respecting gay people would do. It’s pure discrimination, nothing less. I do think some self-professed “Christian” hotel/B&B owners would really make a point of the matter.

    1. Oh please no gay people have been sending death threats or nailing dead animals to their door. They are obviously lying in order to curry sympathy.

  8. I’m more worried about the remaining 43%.

  9. 33% of people clearly don’t understand how discrimination laws work when it comes to businesses

  10. That 43% is reason for anti-discrimination laws.

  11. Wow. Still so much progress to be made. Depressing to read about people’s ignorance. 33 percent of the population still no better than open racists

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