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Editor of Shropshire Star attacks PinkNews and says ‘Some people aren’t gay. Get over that’

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Reader comments

  1. Second rate journalist seeking attention. Ignore the prick.

  2. Yes, well, The Shropshire Star; most of its readership is probably sheep in any case, though even ovines might find the idea of the personal choice of sexual orientation worth a chuckle; what an idiot. It’s terrible to think this guiy might have children and will try and teach then to think this way. (wonder if PN will censor me with this, too?)

  3. Hack on local rag implies gay people hate straight people.
    Rest of world casts bemused look and moves on.

  4. Silly and ignorant man. Wonder what his beef is with Gays. Some people aren’t Gay, it’s true. But are you one of them, Mr Harrison. I have my doubts.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Oct 2013, 3:40pm

    It is quite evident that he chooses to be an idiot and a moron and can’t get over himself and his piddly insignificant yellow rag of a tabloid.

  6. Pathetic attempt at what he probably sees as popularism.-Look at me standing to these gays.-

  7. Should be standing up to, of course.

  8. What IS this man’s problem? WHY the nastiness towards gay people? Sounds like a distinct case of ‘self-loathing’ to me. And we ALL know what causes that .. don’t we? “Show me a homophobe; I’ll show you a closet case”.

  9. Being gay or lesbian is “nothing more” than deciding whether you want a cup of tea, or a cup of coffee?

    Immerse this sadly, and totally, ignorant individual in the tortured world of youngsters who discover in a still largely homophobic world that they are gay or lesbian.

    Then maybe this ignorant man will see that the experience of coming to terms with one’s true sexuality is a far far bigger deal than deciding on a cup of tea or coffee.

    This is an individual with an embarrassing lack of understanding of sexuality. That such an individual is in charge of a newspaper read by others is deeply worrying.

  10. I can’t remember the last time I read an article about a person who committed suicide over the way their family, friends, neighbours and strangers treated them because they liked coffee.

  11. As this moron from the Shropshire Star thinks being gay is a personal choice can we assume he is bisexual, but has not as yet come to terms with his same sex attractions and has them burried in a closet somewhere. He also seems to think that everyone is the same as him and resents them being at ease with their gay relationships. He must also not be very bright or well informed as human rights violations even murder do not seem to be a care for him, so I would assume he is rather self centered with perhaps borderline sociopathic tendencies. Is all this too close for comfort?
    He really does not seem like someone who is at peace with him self, full of bluster and arrogance to cover his inadequacies. Poor man.

  12. I think very few of us gays are anti-straight, that would just be as ridiculous as being anti-gay or anti-sea or anti-clouds.
    I so didn’t choose to be gay, it was just intrinsic to me, but if I did have a choice I totally would choose to be gay, why not?

  13. Dear idiot er editor of the Shropshire Star;

    Born lgbtq/straight, not a choice
    Tea or coffee, choice.

    Breathing to stay alive, not a choice
    Wanting to punch a bigot and not doing so, choice.

    See the difference? Now go away, and don’t come back until you have thought about what you said and why it was so silly.

    1. The ONLY way someone can claim that being gay is a ‘choice’ is if they have experienced making a sexuality ‘choice’ themselves. In this man’s case, he has clearly made a ‘choice’ to fight his latent homosexuality and conform to the pressures of religion / society to be straight. If that’s not the case, what on earth makes people like him believe they are experts on homosexuality? And, why the obsession with the topic? I think he needs some counselling ……

  14. Colin (london) 8 Oct 2013, 5:04pm

    Keith Harrison, leaps to the defence of Rhodes. Oh boys get it on eh.

    Two uneducated idiots out to inflame prejudice, add nothing to society and clearly have no regard to their gay readers if there are any.

    Sad old has been men.

  15. The man obviously has issues, why all the arrogance and bluster, the belief that being gay is a choice usually means a bit of projection is going on, does he resent others not making he same choice? Not everyone is bisexual!. Poor man I do hope he gets over himself soon. Its not good for his readers to be subjected to a daily dose of bile.

  16. This bigot thinks he is pandering to the local conservatives in a land of forelock tugging yokels and braying squires. He should take the straw out of his teeth, withdraw from that struggling sheep and go back to his tea – or coffee.

    I grew up in the 1970s in a Shropshire tiny town – where several gay people lived and worked and were, as far as I knew, accepted (if occasionally sniggered at behind their backs). Today it is much more relaxed about this issue than this idiot realises apart, perhaps, from a few polyester homophobes secretly jerking off to Men’s Health magazines in the potting shed.

    1. Update, rubisco. I was in Shrewsbury last Wednesday. Popped into the loo opposite the big tudor house that is functioning as the temporary museum. Three urinals: three Shropshire lads standing there stock still. I used the cubicle. Heard not a drop of pee from the urinals!

      Maybe the lads were deep in thought over whether to have a tea or coffee? :-)

      1. Most people in Shropshire are as tolerant and accepting as anywhere else in the UK which is why the editorial stance of the Star so annoying. Mike

  17. The homophobia I can get over… but the fact that people who are so bad at writing and argument/debate are being PAID for it is inexcusable.

    Even in a local paper this guy should be ashamed of himself.

    “some people aren’t gay, get over it” – what is that arguing about? Is he saying gay people can’t come to terms with the fact straight people exist? Or did he just turn round Stonewall’s slogan thinking he was being clever but actually not really thinking about the logic of what he was saying?

    I could write better than that at high school

  18. Ignore the man – shouldn’t be difficult given the circulation of the “Shropshire Star”.
    Such a medieval stance does not warrant comment.


  19. How disappointing that we have such an ignorant man editing the Shropshire Star, we deserve better.
    I wonder how far his prejudice extends; gays today, maybe women, black people, disabled people tomorrow? Maybe he just doesn’t like people very much.

  20. People like this give my county an embarassing reputation as an unwelcoming place. You get bigots here, yes, same as everywhere. Unfortunately this one has got himself a platform to spout crap from, and I think the area suffers as a result in lost potential for tourism becaus people are less likely to want to visit a place they think is unwelcoming and closed-minded.

    As a bisexual woman from Shropshire, I can say sexuality is definitely not a choice. No-one bats and eyelid when I hold my husband’s hand, but I’ve had rocks thrown at me in the street and verbal homophobic abuse for daring to have short hair and happen to walk down the street next to another short-haired woman (while in London – as I said, you can get a minority of bigots anywhere). No-one would choose to be gay or bisexual, given then discrimination, abuse and violence you are at risk of. If it was a choice, there wouldn’t be teens committing suicide because of homophobic bullying or being terrified of coming out.

  21. Yes, the Shropshire Star is ignorant etc – but I would also say to Ben: Some people are halfwits – get over them!
    On this occasion, I think you’ve bigged them up way beyond their (self)importance.

    If anyone ins Shropshire wants to be a real star and argue back, perhaps focus on the double standards, the selective nature of the author’s attack on LGBT activists, turning a blind eye to where the real intimidation is coming from and forgetting that LGBT people have never wanted to impose themselves on others – we are just fighting to be treated equally, and proposition has led to hateful attacks by clerics and politicians, about which the Star says NOTHING.

  22. soapbubblequeen 8 Oct 2013, 8:45pm

    How very defensive! Pathetic homophobic old fart – go and find a sheep dear.

  23. They seem to be confused to the right to have a column and the right to have an opinion

  24. I once had an amusing time at a beer festival in Shropshire, I had been sent to the bar by my companion at the time and promptly ordered ‘Two Shropshire Lad’s please!’. (It was a beer but took great delight in ordering it!)

    Seems this low life editor has an eye to a national tabloid job! Such ambition! As usual people with that sort of ambition will do anything and say anything, hurting anyone to get where they want to.

    Seems some newspaper editors are arsholes, he won’t get over that!

  25. So much hate here .. get over it, everyone. There are bigger issues out there .. Africa and Russia and so on. If everyone could stop being so reactionary and touchy and bickering over silly little things like a journalist expressing an opinion, which by the way he is entirely entitled to, and he is NOT being anti-gay, obviously .. he’s just saying that people need to calm down a bit.
    And maybe let’s all focus on things that actually matter.

  26. He’s not the editor of the Shropshire Star!
    If you’re going to have a go at him for not getting his facts right, don’t you think you should at least do the same?
    That headline is completely incorrect.
    Keith Harrison does not edit the Shropshire Star.
    Martin Wright is the editor of the Shropshire Star. It’s Martin I feel sorry for here – his good name is being damaged.

    1. Benjamin Cohen 11 Oct 2013, 7:22pm

      His Twitter account, which is quoted in the story displays that he is the editor of the Shropshire Star

      1. No it doesn’t. He’s the editor of the Express & Star. The fundamental fact in your article is 100% incorrect.

        1. @MWright_star is the actual editor. You owe him an apology.

      2. “Shows your standard of journalism” to quote you on Twitter.

  27. Harrison, when you’re strong enough to accept that sexuality isn’t a matter of choice, we’ll be ready to listen to your side of the story.

    Until then it might be wiser to keep your ignorant prejudices to yourself.

  28. jonnielondon 12 Oct 2013, 5:11pm

    Obviously Keith Harrison has done some very deep introspection and realizes he has had a choice to be either straight or gay. He has chosen to deny his gay side and has embraced only his straight side. That’s his choice. We call people like this bisexual. On the other hand, I have never had a choice, I have always been gay, like many gay friends of mine, and like many straight friends of mine. We have only every been either only gay or only straight. Some people have a choice I guess, just not me and many gay and straight people like us.

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