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Russian academic: Anti-gay laws protect children from ‘homosexualism’

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Reader comments

  1. BlokeToys 7 Oct 2013, 2:04pm

    These freaks don’t even understand how closely they are emulating Hitler in word and deed. These wastes of skin are truly disusing, despicable people, poor excuses for Humans.

    If nothing is done, and done soon, we will see a genocide taking place in Putin’s Russia, headed by psychopaths like this evil man.

    1. Yeh, and if they start experimenting on gay people like the nazis, then we should treat them just the same, they better not ever leave Russia, just like Mossad has never stopped tracking THEM down. “I was only following orders” or “its my religious belief” shall be only words to confirm the verdict.
      Lets be clear, what is going on in Russia is not protecting children – it IS child abuse, and serious violations against Human Rights. What this idiot is espousing on behalf of his government, is full blown crimes against humanity.

  2. bobbleobble 7 Oct 2013, 2:11pm

    Children do not need protecting from homosexuality because homosexuality poses no inherent threat to children. However, the use of the mantra ‘Won’t somebody please think of the children’ is often a convenient way of furthering a political agenda which has nothing whatsoever to do with children, in this case distracting the Russian people from what Putin et al are doing and giving them an enemy to fight.

    The rest of this debate was delusional nonsense, there aren’t enough gay politicians to hold anything back for a start. Still paranoia was ever the way of the USSR and it doesn’t look like the new Russia is much different.

  3. On what plantet do these nutjobs live? I grew up in the UK in an era when homosexuality was against the law. I was only ever exposed to heterosexualism’. So how does he explain the fact that I am gay? If this homophobic, religiously-brainwashed tosspot is an ‘achademic’ is it any wonder Russia is so backward ….?

  4. Russia is more backwards than most people thought. Some assumed falsely, because of their success in the space race, they must have had something going on, but that was just stolen German technology from WW2. Without it, Russia could not have launched a working fireworks display also, the Russian nuclear weapon in the 1950s, was also stolen from the USA.

    Russia is a very backwards country, as now increasingly evident.

  5. I want to punch him so hard, hopefully his son or daughter will come out gay, then i want to see him saying that. Idiot, another stupid russian, Oh my, i hate russians….

  6. Colin (london) 7 Oct 2013, 2:40pm

    He adds nothing to the discussion. If he says anything else he would loose his job.

    Interestingly many other countries have moved on with no great problem. Actions V words.

    Boycott these Olympics. People of the world unite against a backward country. Our politicians are too scared to stand up to Russia. It is our turn to show by actions what we think. Simply turn the channels broadcasting the Olympics off for the duration of the Olympics. Very simple and effective. Tells governments, sponsors and Russia what we the people think….and they cannot blackmail all of us.

  7. “Homosexualism” and “homosexualist” are two neologisms exclusive to homophobes.

    I’m starting to wonder who coined them first… seems to me they originated in the US.
    At a guess I’d assume Scott Lively, since he seems to take more than a passing interest in Russian anti-gay proselytising.

    I only mention it cause this is the first time I’ve heard someone from Russia coin the term “homosexualism” – this interview has Scott Lively’s grubby interfering pawprints all over it.

    1. The words “гомосексуалист” (homosexualist) and “гомосексуализм” (homosexualism) have been used for a long time and did not have any negative connotations in Russian language until very recently. In the past 10 years, the English word “гей” (gay) started to replace Soviet term “голубой” (lit. “light blue”; cf. “violet”) for casual reference to gays. The word “гомосексуал” (homosexual) is replacing “гомосексуалист” (homosexualist) as a ‘formal’ style, albeit at a slower pace. There are many negative and hateful words for gays in Russian (e.g., “пидоры”, “пидорасы”, “педерасты”—all derived from “pederasty”), but the word “гомосексуалист” (homosexualist) is not one of them. Only recently has the Russian LGBT community started to object to its use (due to the obvious reasons of skewing the debate towards sex).

      1. The first time I heard the phrase “homosexualist” was in a translation from the German, used in the late 1930’s.

    2. Actually Gore Vidal used to bore on about how we should say ‘homosexualist’ because ‘homosexual’ is an adjective and shouldn’t be a noun.

  8. So gay people want to have gay sex, do they? Nah, you don’t say! Could it have something to do with the fact they only have same-sex attractions? What a TOTAL MORON! Just when are these brain dead cretins going to understand the rather simple point that nobody gets to have a free, willing and conscious choice over their sexuality?

    Do they have the Internet in Russia? All he has to do is look-up the science of epi-marks or epi-genetics and homosexuality on it and all will be remarkably revealed!

  9. He wants to research the possibility of using medicine to change people’s sexuality, and he wants political support to make it happen?
    I remember another group once tried to ‘cure’ undesirables with chemicals, as well as medical and scientific experiments. According to the records they kept of their attempt. They failed!
    One of the best human minds of the modern age, and savior of countless soldiers and civilians in WW2 was driven to suicide in the UK when he was given chemicals as punishment for being homosexual. The procedure didn’t work!

    The ‘West’ has been there, and done that, we know it doesn’t work. And it is such a shame that Russia today sees the Nazis more as a ‘how-to’ guide rather than as a human tragedy that must never be repeated.
    What’s worse is that Russia alongside the Jews as suffering the worst of the Nazi crimes, losing over 20 million soldiers and civilians, but it was also Russia who liberated the worst of the concentration camps, they really should know better.

    1. Yep – Dr Josef Mengele carried exactly the same sort of experiments at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Do we learn nothing from history? I’ve said this dozens of times before on here: we ignore Putin and his criminal dictatorship at our peril.

  10. Tim Hanafin 7 Oct 2013, 3:16pm

    Another Neanderthal spouting off about something he knows very little about.

  11. What the hell is going on in Russia? People in prominent positions seem to be competing to see who can sound the most ignorant and bonkers.

  12. Another idiot who has not caught up with the 21st century, and seems to be willful in his ignorance, being gay is not a choice and is immutable, this has been well documented in research over the last 70 years, but most knowledgable people already knew this from their freindship and relationships with gay people.
    The only thing the course these fools are now on will acheive, is the persecution of 1 in 12 of their population for a normal and natural human characteristic, and encourage thuggery, and ignorance.
    It is enlightening to read the Wikipedia entry for this apoligist for the Putin regime, he is a member of the Governing party (United Russia) and is in the secretive little body the “Supreme Council of the Russian Federation” that “advises the President”. He is also a “consultant” to the Duma- the Russian Parliament.
    He has a docterate in “political science”, Goebels would be proud.
    He does not have as implied in the article, any medical qualifications.

    1. Exactly. Markov is not an ‘academic’ by any stretch of imagination. It has become ‘in vogue’ for Russian plutocrats to have doctoral degrees, which they would simply buy. However, the ghost writers are thieves as well, so, instead of writing an original work, they would simply cut and paste from existing works. There is a whole online community in Russia dedicated to busting plagiarists in power: . Many deputies of State Duma have been outed as having their ‘dissertations’ copied wholesale from other works; still, there have not been any repercussions for them. Some examples of plagiarism are as simple and taking an original thesis on food processing and replacing ‘meat’ with ‘confectionary’ without changing anything else. Which shows you that the heads of academic institutions are also corrupted. In fact, almost every institution in modern Russia has been usurped by backwards people; the only criterion for success is absolute loyalty to United Russia party.

    2. The ONLY way someone can state that being gay is a ‘choice’ is if they have experienced making a ‘choice’ themselves. This man has clearly struggled with same-sex attraction. But he has made a ‘choice’ to conform to the religious branwashing he has undoubtedly endured and has made a ‘choice’ to suppress his homosexuality. This leads to depression, alcoholism, wife-beating and, most definately, aggressive homophobia. His type of homophobe are the most sinister because you are dealing with someone in denial of their true sexuality. They are loose cannons and often have a drink problem.

  13. The link above was partly cut out, sorry too long a contribution,
    no one has ever accused me of being brief ;))

  14. Such a shame we can’t organise a girlcott of the Sochi Olympic Shame.

  15. Similarly anti-straight laws would protect children from heterosexualism, is there any legitimate research behind this total anti-gay nonsense?

  16. I’d like to listen to the feature. The BBC seems to giving Russia a very easy ride on this issue.

  17. soapbubblequeen 7 Oct 2013, 5:31pm

    Almost every Russian man I have ever come across have invariably been bullies with low intelligence. It seems to be something intrinsic to their culture, a Cossack macho mentality, reinforced both by the Orthodox Church and Islam. I wish the West would have the guts to stand up to this country once and for all, and unanimously boycott the Olympics. But they’re too afraid they are going to cut the gas off or retaliate in some other way.

  18. This is a serious argument he is spouting. I mean serious in its impact, not one of substance. As soon as homosexuality is medicalised it can be seen as an illness to be cured and this can have such a detrimentally deep-rooted impact on young gay people growing up in the country. Continually having these type of messages, explicitly and/or implicitly, espoused will only serve to create psychologically damaged people.

    1. It’s hurtful for all of us to hear this trashy anti-gay propaganda based on lies … but yes, so much worse if you are a young gay person trapped in Russia with no out.

  19. Sergey Markov Some academic huh!
    Academic standards seem rather low these days in Russia .

    No really, I knew a homophobic Russian called Sergey who objected to English people pronouncing his name Sir-Gay , apparently it should be pronounced Sir-Ghee . So now you know how to annoy all the many Russian Sergey’s and Sergei’s..

  20. dorsetbob 8 Oct 2013, 9:37am

    I still dont understand what it is about homosexuality that so terrifies these people. They must have some reason but never seem able to articulate it. Religious reasons are often quoted, but even the usual religious sources can only argue that its bad because they say so. So what is their problem ? My fave was the Russian politician worrying that the human race would die out due to lack of reproduction. That is certainly a big worry as theres only 7billion of us ! Baffled.

    1. Good question. What IS it that terrifies them? I’ll tell you. They are terrified of their OWN suppressed same-sex attraction. People who are comfortable in their own sexuality are NEVER homophobic. And so, to someone who is suppressing their own gay tendencies, an out gay represents that which the homophobe most despises in themself; their latent homosexuality. This is compounded by ignorance and religious belief. As an example of what I mean … the Admiral Duncan bomber freely admitted that he had ‘gay tendencies’ but bombed the Soho pub because it was full of gay people. Does that make any sense to you? Nor to me … UNLESS …. homophobes are closet gays.

      1. dorsetbob 8 Oct 2013, 4:57pm

        I’m sure you are right Truth, the worst homophobes usually turn out to be closet gays. A certain Scottish bishop springs to mind ! The worrying trend though is to somehow mobilise the whole population on an anti gay crusade. as in eastern europe and africa, not to mention the muslim countrys. The common denominator seems to be religious mania . Could be a common factor that the heads of religions are suppressed gays ?

  21. Helge Vladimir Tiller 8 Oct 2013, 9:41am

    Unscientific nonsense–and Hitler smiles satisfied from his grave.—If he hasn’t been appointed sole ruler of Hell.

  22. Sergey Markov, Russian “academic” (lol)




    This man is one evil motherfu**er!!!!! :$


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