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London loses out to Paris in fight to host Gay Games

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder why the Gay Games are not going to be held in Russia?

  2. Because hosting it in a place where there has been protests and riots about gay marriage is better. -.-”

  3. Craig Nelson 8 Oct 2013, 3:18am

    I’m sure Paris will give the games a very warm welcome…

  4. Seems ridiculous, ‘Gay games’. What next, ‘The straight games’? Do people have to do a gay test? Stop labelling us!

  5. I am glad, it is a right waste of money. Gay people already compete in the real Olympics and Paralympics.

    Only athletes too crap to get on the proper teams would even think about the gay games.

    1. I agree, I really don’t see the point of it, it’s segregation and tells the work we are different and need special treatment

  6. Colin (London) 8 Oct 2013, 10:25am

    On one hand I am really disappointed for London but delighted for Paris.

    Both countries have had a hard time getting Marriage equality and we are pretty lucky it is only a train ride away eh.

    Well done Paris.

  7. Shame London didn’t get it but I think France needs it more.

  8. They didn’t, however, have the facilities that London has, not will it get the media coverage a London game will get..a missed opportunity and poorly staged presentation by the organisers.made UEFA/FIFA look efficient.

  9. London won through against Paris for the Olympics and paralympics. If we’d got the Gay Games too it would have been a real snub to Paris. Maybe everyone was a little ‘games-weary’ of London?

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