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Doctors will use clinical screening to ‘detect’ gays and ‘bar’ them from entering Kuwait

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Reader comments

  1. Theres a Gay Blood test ! O F F S – what are they testing for now – Genes, Perfume, Red / Pink colour hue ?

    1. Being a retired paramedic when I read about a test to discern gayness in a person the Dick Test came to mind. But this is a test to determine susceptibility or immunity to scarlet fever by an injection of scarlet fever toxin so it can’t be that. But what did cross my mind is what they are going to do about their well known own gay citizens? There are plenty of them in all works of life from ministers down to taxi drivers. Anybody who has worked in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States will tell you that it is a randy gay man’s paradise. Are they all going to be rounded up for re-educations I wonder or just locked up with the key thrown away? I have a mate out there who has been in a relationship with with a local Arab for over 20 years. I wonder what will happen to them if the come to the notice of the authorities. ‘Troubling times.

  2. onesecond 7 Oct 2013, 3:41pm

    Russia, Saudia Arabia, GCC, Iran, Irak, and other disturbingly backwards countries get your money every time you buy gas.

    1. soapbubblequeen 7 Oct 2013, 5:18pm

      That’s why I support fracking, even if it might poison our water supply and cause earthquakes. If we had our own sustainable sources of energy owned and produced by us, we could tell the Russians and the Arabs to f88k off. Even if they do now own half of London!

      1. The problem is oil from fracking won’t be owned by us, instead it will be owned by large multinational oil companies. and like with North Sea oil and gas, they will only pump from the fields when the price is high enough.

      2. Staircase2 12 Nov 2013, 4:36am

        That’s not an excuse to poison our own water tables.

        Solar, people! Wind!

    2. Alberta oil sands. Problem solved.

      1. OMG Soapbubblequeen! If our water is poisoned there would be no one around to need the energy! You may say drink bottled water, but c’mon, don’t you think they own many of our bottled water sources too? You are for destroying just so we don’t need Arab gas? Me thinks you have bleached your brain!

      2. Staircase2 12 Nov 2013, 4:38am

        Hands up how many Tory placements there are in the room tonight…?

  3. BlokeToys 7 Oct 2013, 3:45pm

    And while half the world develops and moves forward, another half moves backward to an age of sooth sayers and voodoo priests.

    These countries are a joke internationally. They’re places where we really shouldn’t be doing business in the way that we do.

    We could do with a new categorization system – Forward World and Backward World. Russia, African nations, some Asian nations and all Islamic nations would all be considered Backward World.

    1. Dagmar Gossen 7 Oct 2013, 6:29pm

      I totally agree with your comment- Forget 3rd/4th world..1st and 2nd.. just simply as you put it, ‘Forward World’ and ‘Backward World’! I will use this terminology from now on, thanks ;-)

      1. In any event, First and Third World makes little sense now that the Second World (the Communist bloc) no longer exists.

    2. No arguments about us not doing business there.

      Leave the voodoo priests out of it though, yeah? Homosexuality is A-okay in voodoo.

  4. NickDavisGB 7 Oct 2013, 3:46pm

    We could do with some of their Dr’s on the door at Clubs – stop the straight boys coming in to preen.

  5. Having been to Bahrain once on Business they must look for good looking guys they don’t have any!

  6. What kind of clinical tests does he mean?
    If he is saying that there is some genetic gay trait that by definition, we are born with, and that they can identify said trait, GREAT! It would kill the “it’s a choice” garbage once and for all.

  7. Beelzeebub 7 Oct 2013, 4:10pm


    Good luck with that.


  8. Coffee Drinker 7 Oct 2013, 4:21pm

    You would think the GCC is located in the “Republican” South US, the same backwards mentality and bigoted laws. “Test”?, what are they going to do, critique our wardrobes or hair styles?
    We’ll see if they change their tune and let gay military members in the next time Iraq or Iran invade their intolerant utopia.

  9. Is it bad that, should this go through, I would love to go to one of these countries so that, as a straight person, I can get my “straight certificate” to hang from my wall? Maybe I just have a sick and twisted sense of humour…

  10. Dave North 7 Oct 2013, 4:36pm

    I wonder if they would have been so keen on screening the US and EU gay soldiers that liberated them from the Iragi invasion!

    Lets hope that the gay expatriates who basically keep their dump afloat in a commercial success abandon them to there folly.

    Personally I know Dubai is awash with gay IT people from the EU and US and I am constantly being offered work there.

  11. I wonder if Kuwait would object to our gay military personnel saving their arses from invasion again…

  12. Kuwait is the number one consumer of online gay porn. I believe that what is happening in Russia is what’s spurring Kuwait to do this. I am sure the rest of the mid-east Muslim countries will follow suit. It would be interesting to see this methodology of their clinical “test”. While Europe is leading the way toward the future, these other countries are leading the way toward a backward past.

    1. I believe it is Pakistan that is the number one for gay porn searches. However it is high in all these countries. I could not believe the number of Arabs and Iranians who pick up guys in Thailand from bars and gogo bars. Says a lot about these people.

      1. ‘…I could not believe the number of Arabs and Iranians who pick up guys in Thailand from bars and gogo bars…’

        the number of arabs and iranians is easily dwarfed by number of elderly westerners. And anyway why should discriminatory actions of oppressive government have a negative impact on the reputation of its citizens, especially those engaging in the activity that is on the receiving end of those discriminatory actions

  13. Why are lesbians always ignored by these people? They can’t say they are against homosexuality if they ignore female homosexuals. Their actual problem is an aversion to the gay male sex act. It makes them feel icky so they penalise gay men. Not that I want them to start harassing lesbians as well; it just highlights their true motivations.

    1. Lesbians are very rarely mentioned or acknowledged in laws or discussions even in our own country; pretty much proves that its not homosexuality that they have a problem with, it’s men. Or more specifically, men soiling the good name of men everywhere by acting “like women”

      1. Staircase2 12 Nov 2013, 4:40am

        Well said
        Homophobia is essentially a Feminist issue

  14. Barred from entering GCC – that includes Qatar.

    Is FIFA listening?

  15. soapbubblequeen 7 Oct 2013, 5:19pm

    As if any of us want to go to Kuwait!

  16. And just what tests can they do on gay men? A “Bend over”
    probe…what sh–heads.

  17. Colin (London) 7 Oct 2013, 6:13pm

    These are states that give there people no rights. Well the only thing they offer the world is OIL.

    We need alternatives to oil and then nationalise all there assets in the west.

    Easy really

  18. Dagmar Gossen 7 Oct 2013, 6:20pm

    I own a private Tour Company on the small island of Koh Phangan in Thailand and have just cancelled all contracts relevant with airlines associated with GCC States- after reading this horrific news all over the international media today. As Bangkok is Asia’s No.1 Hub, we have a lot of traffic coming through Dubai/Abu Dabi- I don’t care, i will not contribute any financial gain to ‘Backward’ Countries/States who are simply run by homophobic,stupidly over wealthy,in the closet,Islamic Dictators- even if my company’s income drops,the satisfaction of controlling my rules over theirs, is priceless! And I have a list of far better flight routes back to Europe/US anyways .. Long Live the ‘Forward World’!

    1. Well done (big Thailand fan here :D). Makes me laugh the number of Arabs and Iranians I have seen picking up guys, drinking etc. Because they can get away with it. A lot of Thai guys will not go with Arabs. I have heard a number of horror storys. They tend to not want to pay and they expect the guys to service them and their friends for no extra fee :P

      1. clearly thai prostitutes swamped with elderly eu and usa white clients can pick and choose

    2. Dave North 7 Oct 2013, 9:03pm


      I have been an IT specialist for the past 30 years.

      There is no computer environment that I do not know.

      Whether Unix, IBM z/OS Mainframe, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, Fujitsu, Microsoft, ZX81, ASCII, HEX, Assembler, whatever.

      Presently I keep getting calls from recruitment agents informing how much these people are willing to pay.

      I spent a few years in Dubai, at £250,000 per year, all tax paid around 2010.

      They need Western IT staff and no doubt western people with other skills but their stupid governments are clearly indoctrinated by their evil religious leaders and they have fallen for it.

      On my part.

      I refuse any offer whatsoever and I have informed the recruitment agencies as to why.

      Lets hope others have principles and do likewise.

      I don’t hold out much hope.

      1. cleverly incorporating little cv into expression of principled stand?

  19. Beelzeebub 7 Oct 2013, 6:30pm

    Will “the gays” be issued with a Pink triangle and a barcode tattoo.

    We all know the end result of that.

  20. Whilst I’ve no idea what they’re ‘testing’ for and I think this kind of descrimination is horrendous, wouldn’t it be logical to screen all indigenous males too?

    Err. . . Logic. What am I thinking!?

  21. They have to be joking I hope FIFA are listening as Quatar is part of this group.

    I wonder what sort of test they think they have devised.

    Best thing to do is just avoid these country’s. and also try and persuade your friends and family’s not to visit.

    They should also learn their own history, look at the number of Arab poets like ‘Abu Nuwas’ who extol and wax lyrical about gay relationships.

  22. I long for the day when we no longer need the natural resources of these vile, intellectual backwaters. The sooner electric cars really come into their own, the better. Then we will no longer have to ‘kiss ass’ and pump billions into the pockets of despots amd dictators.

    1. PantoHorse 8 Oct 2013, 9:03am

      And how will we be generating the power to recharge these electric cars?

      1. Staircase2 12 Nov 2013, 4:41am

        How do you think?

  23. Oh right. How precisely do you scientifically test for homosexuality?
    Will they test us on our knowledge of musicals? Ask for fashion advice? Better yet, walk us into a mosque to see if we burst into flames?

    …. Ridiculous barbarians.

  24. Mark Edwards 7 Oct 2013, 7:37pm

    Makes you wonder whether they’ll be using the GCC “gay test” on footballers entering Qatar for 2022 fifa world cup. Might lead to some interesting exclusions…? What tosh

  25. This will reeally interesting. They’ll need to check all males in order to find the gay ones. There is no blood test. Are they going to use a questionaire? Have all of them drink a cup of coffee and see what they do with their pinkies? Or just ask them to bend over for a thorough check? They need to check all men. Oh please, give me a hidden camera to record the expressions when they have to explain the procedure.
    We all know we have to dramatically cut down the oil consumption to save the environment, and now we have yet one more excellent reason to do so!

  26. I bet Kuwait didn’t object to the possible presence of gay/bi service men/women when they were being rescued from Saddam.

  27. Mumbo Jumbo 7 Oct 2013, 8:08pm

    Perhaps they are thinking of bringing back The Fruit Machine

    As an aside, for many years, Wednesday nights at Heaven were named after this strange device.

  28. this comes from a bunch of blokes who kiss each other

    1. What on earth does that have to do with anything? Are kisses always sexual from your point of view? (I shudder to imagine what you think of parents kissing their children, if that’s the case.)

  29. so em what happens to cabin crew then ?

  30. Beelzeebub 7 Oct 2013, 8:32pm

    OH and PS. Pink News.

    Your new site crashes iPad and Android web browsers both on tablets and phones. ( Chrome, Dolphin, Firefox and Safari ) and it is a dogs dinner as a user experience.

    Please reconsider your web designers, as it is not good.

    It is a mess.

  31. Dave North 7 Oct 2013, 8:48pm

    Its very curious how they think they will apply these “medical checks”.

    Western science has been incapable of achieving this via genetics to date and we are to believe that the religious police and Imams have found a way.

    Even epigenetics, a science these balloons don’t even know exists says otherwise.

    What will it be, “electrodes to the c0ck” some gay porn and a measuring tape to every UK pilot that lands on there shores.

    This has religions sticky fingers all over it.

    I cannot wait till they run out of oil and lose there primitive grip on the West.

    Loving religion for you again.

  32. Sounds very scientific…not (lol)

    I wonder what “screening” methods they have in their obsessively twisted minds?

    Can you imagine how many packs of disposable latex gloves they will be going through while carrying out these “screenings”.

    I think the whole deeply suspect procedure could have very unexpected consequences for all involved… that’s both those carrying out the screenings and those being screened.

  33. Aspirational 7 Oct 2013, 11:49pm

    But are you supporting the government there? Flown Emirates? Qatar? Qantas? (code share with Emirates), not sure how many others, I’m sure there are plenty.
    These are all government owned airlines!
    Think were your (or your friends dollar / pound / euro) money goes. The oil paid for the airline (planes, airports, training). Your payment keeps it afloat.

  34. The report says “It is illegal to be gay in all of the GCC member countries”. This is wrong. It is illegal to have gay sex in these countries, but not illegal to be gay.

  35. In a country where all the men where dresses lol

  36. Not very practical measure especially for dubai that depends on large foreign work force

  37. If they try to do something like this, places like Dubai will crash and burn, no one is going to subject themself to a medical test to see if they are gay.

    There is always the risk it would say you are gay when you’re not, imagine a straight man with his family and they declare, “you are gay”, You’re banned and what if the test says someone local is gay, then what!!! people will stop going there and the tourist economy will die.

    They will never try to impliment it. This is simply a publicity stunt to try and put gay people off from going to these places, don’t worry, we already know you don’t want us, except when it is saving your ass from Sadam.

    And finally, no such test exists so its all so stupid. Mind you mouth breathers on the Daily Hate Mail are in full swing of what a great idea it is!!!!

  38. I’m sure you all know about the theory that the most homophobic people are the ones most worried and insecure about their own sexual orientation….and this story is a case in point. I have lived and worked in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Yemen and can attest to the fact that gay sex is very alive and well in the Middle East, especially and ironically in Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam. Perhaps that’s why the Qur’an goes on about it so much….so that horny young men will marry and produce lots of children instead of doing what many really like: going with another guy. Hypocrisy is required, of course: one must appear homophobic in public and spout all the required intolerant opinions, but, in private, it’s a whole different story!

    1. thanks for stating the obvious, of course there are gay people in the gulf, doh.

      1. Please read more carefully and thoughtfully and reply more civilly and constructively.

        1. such lazy patronizing, my previous answer still stands

  39. Alan Maguire 8 Oct 2013, 10:17pm

    And this is the country President Bush senior’s coalition liberated in 1990. Quite frankly “western values” should have been impose d as the price of the liberation from Iraq.That includes representative democracy and equal right for women.

  40. Who would want to visit any of these foul countries anyway? They’re complete DUMPS!

  41. Staircase2 12 Nov 2013, 4:35am

    Kuwait clearly desperate to move closer and closer towards becoming the perfect Fascist state it would appear…

    I just wish that all those LGBT people being lured by the big bucks contracts would just say no to start with and starve Kuwait of the outside expertise it desperately relies on. Everyone going there to work and keeping themselves firmly in the closet for the duration should question how this helps a homophobic state to continue with this nonsense.

    I’m sick of being told how ‘it’s ok if you keep it quiet’. NO IT’S NOT

    Bloody rubbish

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