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London conference featuring anti-gay Islamic preachers cancelled

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Reader comments

  1. Cancelling fanatical God-bothering speakers who incite murder is ‘victimising’ them. Religious logic at its most gruesomely entertaining.

    1. white squirrel 6 Oct 2013, 8:44pm

      good to know this insane creationist homophobia supplied some entertainment value for someone somewhere

      about the only value he has

  2. “We apologise for the short notice, this victimisation towards Islamic Speakers not only harms our work but disappoints the many people looking forward to gaining religious knowledge in this Holy period”

    Ahhh, right, so it’s not “I’m sorry we had no idea we had a homophobic nutjob due to give a lecture here” its “Those intolerant gays take offence at anything, like when our guest speakers are caught on camera advocating people chuck them of mountains or drill into their gums at the dentists. We’re the real victims…”

    So much for community relations. Barely even qualifies as an apology.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Oct 2013, 1:05pm

    If these frreaks are foreign born, they should be deported and banned for life from entering the UK. Everyone of us must be vigilant and contact the Home Office, our MPs and others to make sure these dangerous people are never allowed to come to this country and that includes Scott Lively who would endorse this loon’s beliefs.

    1. We could sure use that policy here in the US too.

  4. And this on the day an OFSTED report says there needs to be MORE religious education in schoos. ARE THEY MAD? For the first time in modern history, young minds have been relatively free of the ridiculous, childish nonsense fed to them. Can it be co-incidental that in cointites where religious deference and observance have waned, populations have become much more tolerant and less aggressive? Let’s leave religion – abd other hobbies -where it belongs; firmly in the home. It has NO PLACE in the schools of a modern, grown-up, civilised world.

    1. BlokeToys 6 Oct 2013, 6:17pm

      I would love to agree with you, as an Atheist, but there has to be some frame of reference in education when it comes to religion.

      How do you teach kids about wars, poverty, government and culture without ever educating them about religion?

      Like it or not (and I don’t) religion is an important aspect of society and history, there has to be some education for everything else to make sense.

      I would, however, agree that religious education should be presented by Atheists, so that they are not biased to any particular religion. This should be about facts, not brainwashing. So no Muslim, no Christian, no Catholic and no Buddhist etc should be teaching any religious classes in state funded schools.

      If parents want their kid to be indoctrinated into a religious group through education, they can pay through the nose and send them to a private school of insanity.

      1. Yes – but why can’t that ‘frame of reference’ be provided by other classes – like history or general studies? Why does ‘religion’ need to be a separate subject? What next? Separate subject lessons for ‘Fairy Stories’ and ‘Superstition’? I think you’ll find that hose countries which have allowed deference for and observance of organised religion and its disgusting divisiveness to slowly disappear, are now more compassionate, caring and tolerant of difference – proof that the world is better off without the polluting effects of the religious indoctrination of young minds.

  5. Fundamentalism like this should never be tolerated. Kudos for the decision!

  6. Ditto to the previous comments. I am glad that attention has been paid to the homophobia and hatred espoused by these fanatics.

  7. I’d like to see most Muslim clerics thrown off mountains. There is evidence of nothing much other than that they breed hatred, supremacy, terrorism and segregation. Call this spirituality? Or a religion? Or even halfway rational thought?

  8. Iain Logan 6 Oct 2013, 5:00pm

    Why is this man still in this country?? Kick him out! He’s not welcome here!

  9. They’ll be back, everything will be kept a bit more low profile just for a little while until attention subsides but the relentless Islamist extremist creep will no doubt continue and will need to be carefully monitored to keep it in check.

  10. BlokeToys 6 Oct 2013, 6:12pm

    This does the Palestinian cause absolutely no favours.

    I am pro-Palestinian and abhor the acts carried out by the Israeli government against their neighbors, but I will NEVER support a group that associates itself with bile-spewing preachers.

    It’s even worse that this kind of event plays right into the hands of radical nationalist Nazi groups like the BNP and EDL. It’s already a struggle for guys like me to convince undecided people or racists/Islamophobes that they are wrong.

    What do I tell those I debate with when they point to this event as an example of all that is wrong with Islam in the UK?

    This group and this event attacks me as an individual, I want to defend the Muslim population of this country, but these people are making it increasingly hard to do that.

    I will not defend this event, or those involved. If you want to preach hatred and violence, f*ck off out of this country to a nation where religious extremism is acceptable. This is not the country for you.

    1. I wonder how they’d react if we organised an event which would call for execution of all british muslims. These disgusting parasites are not satisfied with all the rights and benefits they’ve been given in this country, but are now trying to force others to accept their criinal ideas.
      F*ck you, muslims!

      1. See, this is exactly what I’m talking about.
        This is NOT ALL MUSLIMS. Far from it.

        I know plenty of Muslims who grew up in this country and would never dream of having such radical views. Most Muslims in this country are moderate, intelligent, reasonable and spiritual, not radical clerics preaching bullsh*t in an attempt to gain more power over others.

        It would be more appropriate to finish your comment with “Fu*k you extremists”, which is something we would all support.

        I cannot possibly support the notion you end with suggesting that all Muslims are the same, they’re not.

    2. I do think they have suffered injustice but I would love to hear you advocate gay rights in Palestine. You would probably have about thirty seconds before someone slit your throat.

      1. Their position on gay rights does not change anything when it comes to their land being stolen and their people victimized on a daily basis by the Israeli government.
        Yes, it might be true that gay rights are not conducive to the area we’re discussing, but that does not excuse massive Human rights abuses in any way.

        This is about the context of the society and the region. We are not all the same, and while I wish we could all live safely in any country, that’s not reality.

        It doesn’t diminish the rights of innocent people to live in safety, freedom and security.

        Perhaps if people cared enough to work towards a free Palestinian state and to end the oppression and theft by Israel, we would have the opportunity to change Israel’s neighbors socially and drag them all into the 21st century?

        This is not impossible, there have been numerous nations under Islamic control for centuries which are now free and promote equality, secularism and the Human rights of the individual.

        1. “it might be true that gay rights are not conducive to the area we’re discussing,”

          that is a bit of an understatement isn’t it. :_0

          Yes the Palistinians have suffered injustice but they dont exactly help themselves either. There was a war and they lost. That doesn’t seem to have dawned on them.

          Personally I think there are much more deserving causes.

    3. How do you define what, exactly, is Islamophobia? Disagreeing with a Medieval doctrine which advocates murder & discrimination of non-believers, perhaps?

  11. I wonder how they’d react if we organised an event which would call for execution of all british muslims. These disgusting parasites are not satisfied with all the rights and benefits they’ve been given in this country, but are now trying to force others to accept their criminal ideas.
    F*ck you, muslims!

  12. white squirrel 6 Oct 2013, 8:39pm

    if throwing gays of mountians is ok – can we throw mo’s trashy fantasy novel from mountians and high buildings too ?

  13. how is interpal with charity status allowed to promote this gathering of vile disgusting people -why are this vile scumbag in the UK anyway why are they not refused entry?

    what utter scum these people are and interpal link with them

  14. soapbubble 6 Oct 2013, 9:31pm

    Good!! This FILTH should be banned from ever speaking anywhere in this country. I hope they have realized we are not the pushovers they think we are. Throw one of them off a cliff. Off Beechy Head!

  15. Jock S. Trap 7 Oct 2013, 7:43am

    Good, though I suspect it’s only cancelled coz we found out about it and made it public. They sneeky and crafty and will forever try to undermine the public.

  16. “many people looking forward to gaining religious knowledge”

    I thought knowledge was based on facts. Religious knowledge is a bit like knowledge about Pippy Longstocking or Harry Potter, or any other piece of fiction. Only difference is, nobody bases their hatred and envy on Harry Potter.

  17. Worth keeping a close eye on this Edmonton Islamic Centre. There is so much talk about how ordinary Muslims are being tarred with the same brush as the extremists but this is entirely in their hands of Muslims. Was it respectable Muslims who complained about the presence of Abu Usamah at-Thahabi? No.
    British Muslims, clean up your act!

  18. Colin (London) 7 Oct 2013, 8:52am

    Well done to those who fought to get it cancelled.

  19. With that “apology”, there is no credit due. This “charity” is sadly an unapologetic hatemongering cultist filthbag, and the fact that they blame “pressure” for cancelling the event makes them all the more disgusting. They clearly see nothing wrong with violent homophobic incitement.

  20. “I’m repeating you what your Bible tells you.”

    Your? Another example of a religious loon suggesting that everyone is infected with the same mind cancer that is religious belief. Some of us have grown up and live in the 21st century.

  21. George Broadhead 7 Oct 2013, 6:08pm

    Congratulations to Hope Not Hate on their successful action! I hope that they and other human rights organisations will complain to the Charity Commission about the charity Interpal which convened the conference and was therefore responsible for inviting the hatemongering preachers.

  22. we should all make a complaint to the charity commission about inertial — I have. I did email interpal and they have not replied so far

  23. Cade in Aus 16 Oct 2013, 12:41pm

    Oh well, no loss. And it’s not MY bible.

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