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US: Pentagon alerts same-sex married couples of equal federal ethics rules

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Reader comments

  1. Subject to Federal restrictions, but not getting any of the benefits. Typical, really.

    1. They extended marriage benefits to same-sex couples last month.

  2. Thanks for that alert we gay folks are dump when it comes to that kind of thing because all we know how to do is…….
    have affairs and rape female soldiers

  3. It should not apply to couples in civil unions or domestic partnerships, as their states explicitly define those relationships as not being “marriages”. It should only apply to couples who have full marriages.

  4. Etien de Lamothe-Cassell 6 Oct 2013, 12:37am

    Ethics at the Pentagon is an oxymoron.

  5. Velvet Steele 6 Oct 2013, 6:09pm


  6. Tom Cotner 7 Oct 2013, 4:15pm

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
    All privilege has its costs. I see no problem with this.

  7. Kay Arnold 7 Oct 2013, 4:39pm

    Fair enough if it is equally enforced that’s a big IF!

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