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US: Football players to attend ‘educational dialogue’ for anti-gay slurs during Matthew Shepard play

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Reader comments

  1. James Savik 5 Oct 2013, 4:18pm

    B S! This means NOTHING.

    Suspend them from game or two. That will get their attention.

    We are talking about Ole Miss. Footbrawl is their religion.

  2. WHEN does this become a punishable offense .. and NOT just attend a lecture?

  3. Too little, too late. They should have been IMMEDIATELY thrown out of the college. Can you imagine the reaction if white kids had interrupted a play about Martin Luther King with racist remarks? Disgusting.

  4. How about making them put on the same play to get the required credit – and to be able to play football.

    PS – Love the new layout!

  5. Andrew Howard-Williams 5 Oct 2013, 6:27pm

    Truth is correct they should have been thrown out immediately but as the college argues its difficult to point the finger.
    This sort of action by college pupils is totally unacceptable in this day and age but stupidity is still everywhere not just in the usa but in the uk and especially in Russia and parts of Africa.

  6. I am so glad I don’t live in the inbred south!

  7. It’s not unusual to punish a whole team for the actions of a few, or even a single player. Coaches do it all the time. If they were REALLY serious about this, that’s exactly what they would do. Punish them all and make them ALL attend sensitivity training lead by Matthew Sheppard’s mother who has offered to speak to them.

    I say this an embarrassed native Mississippian and an ashamed Ole Miss (U of M) alumnus.

    1. Hear, hear. This reeks of unwillingness to sanction these students or take their contemptible behavior seriously.

  8. Another name for correctional facilities, surely?!

  9. Rednecks being rednecks.

  10. .....Paddyswurds 5 Oct 2013, 8:57pm

    Once again the ignorance and bigotry of the deep south raises it’s ugly head… Suspend the culprits and enough with the ” difficulty identifying” thing. Y’all know the culprits and if not punish the entire team. It will soon get through to them that one rotten apple spoils the entire basket.

  11. A double standard, If a student interrupts a football game, it will be arrested and expelled for sure, but if you are a football player, you will have to “attend an educational dialogue”.

  12. I am also a graduate of the University of Mississippi, more popularly known as Ole Miss, and yes this is embarrassing to the university and the entire state. Regrettably, it is the negative publicity both receive from public reactions and comments that bring about positive change. And just as it is totally wrong to judge an entire population on the actions of a few (being gay, you should understand that), we are not inbred. Just living in the most religious state in the country. My neighbors know I’m gay, my house or property has never been spray-painted with anti-gay slurs, and some churches here welcome gay people. While we have a ways to go, it is not as bad as perceived by many.

  13. The entire team should be suspended for the entire season!!
    That’s the ONLY way you’ll get their attention!

  14. Ed P., I’m sorry to say that Ole Miss and the entirety of Mississippi is far from embarrassed by this. I’m very disinclined to visit the South ever again because of the attitudes its residents toward the LGBT community.

  15. Educational dialogue indeed. There education is throwing around a football. Wonder what the last book they read was….

    1. The Bible

  16. Only when these people are treated in the same way as those shouting racist abuse will there be an appropriate response.
    If those students were shouting “N**ger” at the stage, there would have been utter outrage – and rightly so.
    Schools, companies and governments groups keep saying discrimination is not acceptable in their policies, but the punishment is never equal – which implies that homophobia is less offensive than racism, or that LGBT people don’t deserve the same kind of respect.

    There should be one simple rule, and one form of punishment appropriate to each setting, whether it’s sexist abuse, racist abuse, homophobia, disability discrimination… it doesn’t matter what it is. If someone is attacking another in an attempt to make them feel superior over others and belittle them, then there should be an adequate punishment!

    I’ll say it again, if these students had been using racial slurs in that performance against others they would have had more than an “educational dialogue”

  17. I don’t think these kids should be expelled. University is about education. Throw them out and nothing will be learned. Will sensitivity training stop all these guys from being homophobic jerks? Of course, not. It will, however, make a few of them change and most of them think twice the next time.

  18. I don’t think that they should necessarily be punished because they have the right to free speech. They should have been told to leave the theater instead of allowing them to continue harassing the performers. For not seeing the play… they should automatically fail the class.

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