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Greece: Dozens protest against Russian anti-gay law ahead of Olympic flame hand over

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Reader comments

  1. Well done, those Greeks. A good time to protest. The Olympics are officially homophobic.
    If Greece lurches to the right our Greek GLBT friends will have big worries of their own.

  2. First official Anti-gay “olympics”!

  3. Right on you Greeks who probably dont get the sequence of the LGBT acronym wrong either! (@Cal)

    1. From Wikipedia LGBT page – “Although identical in meaning, “LGBT” may have a more feminist connotation than “GLBT” as it places the “L” (for “lesbian”) first.”
      Get a life, Clare.

      1. “LGBT” is, actually, more pleasant to the ear, not to mention easier in rolling off the tongue, rather like:

        As in, not
        “El Greco”
        ” El Geeby-Tea” !

  4. Dimitris T 6 Oct 2013, 12:09pm

    Time to cope a little with Greece itself. Craddle of homophobia in EU…

  5. Pleased to see determined LGBT activists making a stand in Greece, with homophobes on all sides of them. Very brave!

    By the way, is anybody else finding the new PN front page difficult to read, all rather too small? But thank goodness the individual pages themselves are still easy to follow.

  6. Surprised to see that the Greek Orthodox Church has not seen fit to come out in vigorous opposition to the Olympics, since it’s a vestige of a long pagan tradition, and there is no mention of God or Jesus in the Olympic Oath. And then there is the pagan tradition of all athletes performing in the NUDE. Theodosius, an early Orthodox Christian Emperor ended the ‘pagan’ Olympics in 394 ad.

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