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Survey: 1 in 10 New York Grindr users have never had an HIV test

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Reader comments

  1. Not that shocking. Not every Grindr user (or gay man for that matter) engages in ‘risky sexual behaviour’.

  2. Colin (London) 4 Oct 2013, 11:35am

    None of this surprises me and I bet there would be a correlation to London as well. Yes we would like 100% and must keep up the message.

    I find it scary that one of the busiest rooms on Gaydar used to be the bareback room. (Not been on for a year or two and this is not in any way anti Gaydar)

    For me it has always been use a condom even when in a 10 year relationship but I am not judging. I have friends who are HIV and some very sad stories but great people.

    Please especially the young men…even when horny and we have all been there use a condom. Make it part of your love making. Get tested regularly. You don’t really want to innocently pass it on to another do you?

  3. I’m pleasantly surprised it’s as low as 10%.

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