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Poland: Group blocked by authorities for trying to pass off anti-gay protest as ‘pro-egg’ rally

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Reader comments

  1. If they had allowed this ‘promotion’ the authorities would have been left with egg on their face :P

    It just goes to show how far, how insidious the anti gay movement is. They know they are increasing loosing the argument in the west. Mostly because their arguments simply make no sence to anyone with even a modicum of sense.

  2. Oops ‘sense’ before the spelling police jump on me :D

  3. Have these sad homophobes got nothing better to do? Are they so brainwashed (and brain dead) by the catholic religion which is so prominent in Polish life, that they just have to get out there and show how allegedly masculine they are? So much like the Nazi’s in pre WWII Germany. Have they not been listening to their ‘holy father’? He’s said, knock the homophobia on the head, boys. It’s killing the church. They should stop disobeying the man they all profess to love.

  4. F*ck me, that’s actually pretty clever for nationalists… Of course, all things are relative.

  5. Do your homework. The world’s first transgender MP was Georgina Beyer from New Zealand back in 1999.

  6. Got to love Georgina Beyer. Hope her health is well and that she will be fighting strong soon.

  7. Christopher in Canada 5 Oct 2013, 2:38am

    Who came first?

  8. Well… they’re thinking outside of the box… I like that! Obviously they’re disgusting hateful nasty horrible pigs but I do find their methods quite amusing and admire their “thinking”

  9. well done to polish authorities

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