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US: Lesbian charged over underage relationship to be released from jail

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  1. Okay let’s make one thing straight (lol no pun intended).
    The accused was 18 at the time and her girlfriend was ONLY 14. Now I don’t know how everyone’s mind works but in my opinion that is pedophilia. If this was an 18 year old man and a 14 year old girl (or a boy), there wouldn’t even be a conversation about this. The man would be in jail and a registered sex offender. At their age 4 years is a very big age gap and a 14 year old is not mature enough to make decisions about his/her sexlife, where as an 18 year old has had much more experience and is mentally a lot more mature and capable of making these decisions.

    I am gay and I do not see this as a “gay rights issue”. It’s simply about protecting minors.

    THIS ALL BEING SAID. The 14 year old’s parents are absolute bigots if the reason why they informed the police was because Kaitlyn Hunt was gay. But had this been my child, I would’ve gone to the police immediately, no matter what sexes were involved in the relationship.

    1. I disagree. In most instances with a male-female relationship there would be no charges at all. I believe the ONLY reason there was in this case is anti-gay animus. I also find it interesting that now after the hoopla has passed the authorities reduced the charges, something they refused to do before. Seems as though it was all a PR stunt to make them seem tough against gay people if you ask me. Last, what the hell is up with Florida? So many bizarre cases coming out of that state the last couple years.

  2. Please give your evidence to support your claim that “In most instances with a male-female relationship there would be no charges at all” – and how it would counter the immense amount of research and statistic gathering that has gone on during the time period of this case that shows precisely the opposite – that many young men aged 18 are in fact serving sentences or under judicial supervison following similar circusmstances to the case described above. What statistics from the State of Florida, or the USA generally have you seen ?

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