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US: Equal marriage opponents praise New Jersey Governor for appeal against judge’s ruling in favour of it

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Reader comments

  1. Governor Christie says our Supreme Court was wrong to strike down DOMA? But he is not a judge, is he? He also vetoed what was voted in, but now wants another vote, by the public. They now are sending out the fear & scare tactics, the knights of Catholics and other religions to mislead. (Canada does NOT have marriage licenses for more than two adults, NOR for siblings!) These non-profits that are tax exempt should loose that exemption if it’s a political agenda group.

  2. I see they are trotting out the same old tired lies about SSM again. ‘It will lead to Polygamous and incestuous marriages’.

    Yawn. Can’t they at least come up with something new to entertain us? I just love the way they keep on digging themselves deeper and deeper holes in their flawed homophobic logic, that even the average Daily Mail reader could see through (or a 6 year old, for a comparative level of intellect)

    This is all only delaying the inevitable. They will have SSM in New Jersey either by judicial decision or by a vote. The polls show strong support in the state for such a proposal on a ballot.

    I hope this means Christie will be voted out of office when he is next due for re-election in November. Unfortunately the polls have him with a substantial lead over Barbara Buono as New Jersey is a pretty safe Republican state.

    I wonder however what the voters in New Jersey will make of the Republican’s (Tea Party’s) forced shut-down of the US government?

    1. There won’t be a popular vote now (although if there were one, we’d win solidly) Equality campaigners say they have the numbers in the state legislature to override Gov. Christie’s veto.

      This will be settled either by the courts or by the politicians, it’s just a question of who gets it done first.

      My money’s on the courts. They’ve been round this merry-go-round before, and in the past left the government some wiggle room. But post-DOMA, the wording of that carefully constructed judicial compromise actually now locks the courts into a pro-equality decision, and the cases won’t take long to hear, either. (Note that the lower court issued a summary judgement, i.e. without a full hearing.)

      Gov. Christie knows it too; he’s just putting on a show for the Republican Primary voters.

  3. …errr… well they would, wouldn’t they? If this case fails, as I trust it will, the public should demand repayment of the legal costs from Christie personally …?

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Oct 2013, 1:25pm

    And just look at who has been participating in Russia’s anti gay laws…

    1. Really interesting Robert. However not sure what it has to do with, New Jersey or Chris Christie. :D

  5. Kay Arnold 4 Oct 2013, 6:00pm

    This action by the Governor could cost him if he runs for national office. The argument over SSM is over stirring pot again is not going to do him or any candidate any good.

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