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Survey: 43% of gay men have faced homophobia by colleagues

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Reader comments

  1. “Despite the average salary in the UK being £26,000, 18% of respondents revealed that their earnings are £50,000 or more”

    This is a pretty meaningless sentence – it would be good to see a comparison of the average overall salary and the average gay salary…

    But comparing the average overall salary with the salary of 18% of gay people is kind of like comparing Obama with Clinton’s left leg.

  2. I was encouraged by the very highest levels of leadership at the corporate headquarters that I work at, to come out and lead a LGBT ERG for my company. Then, when roughly 40% of the people in this building immediately became hostile towards me, the company offered no help whatsoever to counter the discrimination.

  3. Where do they get this 25000 pounds average wage….its certainly isn’t that in the North West….average wages here is 10,000 take it or leave it……

  4. 43% of gay men have faced homophobia by colleagues.

    And in other news, water is wet.

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