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Russia: Imam urges followers not to attend Elton John concert because he ‘promotes homsexuality’

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Reader comments

  1. My god these people are so tragically dumb. What do they think is gonna happen, impressionable young minds attend Elton John concert, exposed to “homosexual promotion” (???) and decide to become homosexual. Is that how they think this works?

    I swear, future generations are going to look back at humans understanding of sexuality and laugh their asses off. Another legacy of religious oppression and suppression, another stupid stain on human history.

  2. Marcwebbo3 3 Oct 2013, 7:49pm

    Surely they mustve known he is gay when they booked him???…..these Russians drink too much vodka and listen to too much crap from the religious nutjobs

  3. I can see what he means though.

    I mean I was straight until I saw Elton in those tasteful glasses signing ‘Saturday night’s alright for fighting’.

  4. First they came for the gays, and no one spoke up.
    Then they came for the homeless people, and no one spoke up.
    Then they came for the gypsies, and no one spoke up.
    They WILL come for the Muslims. Give it time.

  5. How could anyone not immediately turn gay once having seen Elton John, what a little gay minx he truly is.

  6. Colin (London) 3 Oct 2013, 10:02pm

    Thank goodness we put tallent before prejudice or many countries do.

    Russia do not fear the future, embrace it and let the past go.

    Good luck Elton you do not need my comments as your contribution to the people of this planet speaks for itself.

    The people who criticise you…have they done as much?

    1. yes, actually.. 2 symphonies, 5 concerti, a ballet, numerous sonatas and other chamber works… a master’s degree in composition, with a regular influx of commissions for new works.

      I don’t wear drag on stage when conducting, I don’t feel the need to trash other gays who WANT marriage equality, nor state that gays shouldn’t adopt, unlike Elton here, who only supports things when it’s expeditious for HIM.

      I WOULD refuse to perform for someone whose policies/politics I completely disagree with.
      I’ve already turned down contracts because of this.

      So yeah, what have YOU done that lets you tell others they can’t criticize “sir” Elton?

      1. Colin (London) 4 Oct 2013, 10:49am

        Well done

        Now chill…it’s only a comments board. we are all allowed our own opinions and on this one we differ..

        For the record I set up, ran and sold several businesses. I have been a company Doctor successfully in many countries turning around large and small businesses. I now travel the world, do charity work, giving away the money I made along the way. I’m off to Queenstown in NZ for 6 months to try and write a book. Talent comes in many forms. I try my hardest not to judge people befriending people in trouble. I’ve had my bad days as well.

        1. Elton spends more on flowers in a week than most people earn in a year. So, as you do charity work, trust me, Elton doesn’t give a shlt about anyone but himself – I unfortunately knew the old fart.

          Don’t bother defending Elton, sounds like you’re doing much more than he ever did – you see, you do your charity work without news headlines – news which helps sell tickets for his next concert and a few more backtrack mp3’s – it’s all about HIS money for him, nothing to do with anyone else.

          1. Mark Y, Elton John sounds an obnoxious individual and I have little admiration for him or his music; but what he may or may not spend on flowers is utterly irrelevant – I imagine, if you’re in the UK and drink alcohol, that you spend more on booze in a week than most people in the world get by on in a month.

            The Elton John AIDS Foundation is said to have raised more than $200m, and according to the Sunday Times Rich LIst EJ gave away £14.4m in 2013, or nearly 6% of his wealth. So I think there may be more worthwhile targets for your ire.

  7. Elton John has contributed to the case for gay rights and the fight against AIDS and prejudice more than any other artist in the world. He deserves our respect.

    1. no he hasn’t, and no he doesn’t.

      he has performed at private functions by some of the LGBT community’s biggest enemies, happily accepting their blood money.

      he has ranted AGAINST marriage equality, until HE wanted it.

      he has ranted against LGBT rights to adoption, until HE wanted it.

      he is FAR from being anywhere NEAR a “champion’ of the LGBT community. He’s the biggest uncle Tom in platform shoes.

      1. The Elton John AIDS Foundation – is that a mirage?

  8. these people are soooo backwards it’s untrue.
    So Elton John is gay so what?
    After the even are thay going to say well might as well be gay now?

  9. Man this guy is thick. If he actually read his bible he’d realise that the Sodom and Gomorrah story was about the attempted gang rape of the two angels that were disguised as men, and sent by God to investigate. Nowhere in the earliest bible was homosexuality included, and furthermore, in Ezekiel 16:49-50, it actually says what the sin of Sodom was. And I quote… “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom. She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me (rape would be considered detestable one would imagine), therefore I did away with them as you have seen”.

    This Saidjagfar Lutfullin character needs to read ‘The Children Are Free: Re-examining The Biblical Evidence on Same-sex Relationships by Rev. Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley. He could learn a thing or two, I know I sure did.

    1. To add onto my previous post, even if the men of Sodom were gay, why would Lot offer them his two virgin daughters? Gay men aren’t attracted to women. Thus we can safely conclude Sodom and Gomorrah was definitely about sexually violating the guests (Angels disguised as men. This also makes sense about the passage in Jude on ‘going after strange flesh – humans and angels aren’t meant to have sex).

      Also, Jesus does actually talk to a gay man. There is a story in the bible in Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10, about a roman centurion who asked Jesus to heal his intimate other (who was his male lover), and Jesus asked him to show him where he is, but the roman centurion said that his word was enough, and Jesus said “I have not found greater faith in all of Israel”. Jesus condemning gays? I don’t think so!

      Case closed. You can thank me later Saidjagfar Lutfullin.

      1. Forgive me, but you have fallen into the trap of believing an old novel is fact and worthy of intelligent debate. It isn’t. To do so, in my opinion, gives credibility to ‘bibles’ (of whatever religion). It is all a lot of made-up, highly-edited nonsense about talking snakes and women made from the ribs of a man, compiled by old middle-eastern patriarchs with an agenda …. and one not dissimilar to today’s religious dictators:- power and control. The minute we even discuss its contents as remotely ‘factual’, we are sunk. To enter into debate over its content is, to me, like trying to establish where Tinkerbell lives when she’s not sitting on Peter Pan’s shoulder. It never ceases to amaze me how many academics are employed in American educational institutions engaged in ‘Religious Studies’.

  10. I think you’ll find Putin has openly acknowledged that Tchaikovsky was gay. So, will the next development in Russia’s irrational and disgusting discriminatory anti-gay movement be to stop HIS music being played for fear it will turn children gay? Really, these religious nut jobs should be sectioned. Their ‘logic’ (or rather lack of it) defies belief.

  11. Can these bigots project any harder? ‘Well obviously if you encourage it everyone will be sucking dicks left right and centre…’ No mate, it’s just you, if somebody is straight, they are straight, no amount of ‘promotion’ will make them attracted to the same sex.

  12. Cade in Aus 4 Oct 2013, 12:16pm

    He IS homosexual you F wit.

  13. Christopher in Canada 4 Oct 2013, 12:35pm

    This is what happens when a society rounds up and kills its intelligentsia and then spends the next 80 years trying to build a new order based on misguided ideals.

  14. More proof that religion = idiocy + crazy

  15. the religion of peace strikes again!

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