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Office for National Statistics study finds that 1.5 percent of adults identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual

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Reader comments

  1. The numbers reported don’t seem right on this.

    The Treasury rate the level around 6% and it’s thought to be even higher.

    1. Dangermouse 3 Oct 2013, 10:07pm

      Well if you take into account the guys who I’ve had sex with over the years and have been married I’d say that puts the percentage up to 25%

  2. Somehow I doubt those figures.
    One in two hundred and fifty people over the age of 65 identify as GLB. While, over six times as many 16-24 year olds identify as such.
    I suspect both of those figures are underestimates, and the figure is somewhere between 5 and 10%. And perhaps a considerably higher number inhibit a slight degree bisexuality, although, for the most part, consider themselves as being heterosexual.

    1. I think the its around 5-7% with my own personal estimate being 6%. That seems about right. It is more than 1.5% definitely but lower than 10%.

  3. Rubbish figures. But then you can get statistics to show whatever you want.

    Every survey ever carried out has shown that approximately 5-10% of the human population is gay.

  4. Brett Gibson 3 Oct 2013, 5:55pm

    Absolute bollocks. This is no new study either, there was a study a couple of years back that came to the exact same conclusion of 1.5%.

    The last time this survey was done the head of Gaydar dating website stated it had 2.2 million users, who are all male and that’s just one dating site.

    There are of course lots of people still in denial, I suspect bisexual males are the main culprit.

  5. We need to know how this poll was conducted. Many methods would introduce bias, e.g. a form sent out that covered all members of a household, or a telephone poll answered when other people were within earshot.

    The PN journalism is also very disappointing – it doesn’t make clear how many people declined to answer, and once again there’s no reference to the source material.

  6. 6.5% of the UK population do not identify as heterosexual or straight – roughly the same as the previous ONS survey

    1. I think this is a more important figure – as is the word “identify” in the question

      20 years ago I would have identified as heterosexual (to whatever survey had asked me) but now I identify as gay. It is not my sexuality which has changed but only how I can now feel I can identify.

      1. Absolutely right. The significant word is “identify”. And it’s likely that many would question the anonimity of such a survey.

    2. facts and figures 4 Oct 2013, 8:12am

      Based upon an adult population of 49m (62m less 13m children) 1.5% would equate to 735,000 people identified as LGBT?

  7. I’d like to know if the survey was anonymous or not. You can bet if you had to reveal your identity a lot of gay/bi folk would fear what the government might do with that information. That would definitely put people of declaring their true sexuality.

    1. Many of the ONS surveys are done in a Family environment and people are asked questions in front of others. They offer cards which you can choose from which other members of the family cannot see for “controversial” questions. That would really be a good scenario to declare your true sexuality. I think about half are carried out over the phone on a one to one but still not a great way to really get a true result.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Oct 2013, 6:21pm

    What about the many who didn’t participate and how many who did said they weren’t gay but really are? I doubt the accuracy of this survey and is probably a lot higher. Many closeted people still don’t feel comfortable revealing their orientation in spite of the strides we’ve made towards equality.

  9. Samuel B. 3 Oct 2013, 6:29pm

    Of course there is a far greater proportion of people, men and women, who sleep with the same sex some or all of the time, but the point is this survey was conducted to determine how many people specifically identify as gay.

    Being gay encompasses far more than sexual identity:- it is for many a lifestyle to boot, and that is why these figures appear disproportionately on the low side to those who equate gayness exclusively with who you sleep with and not the wider trappings of the gay lifestyle.

  10. Soon we will be 0%, LOL.

  11. 1.5? Really? I live in a rather small city but I’m pretty sure the patrons in our gay quarter on a Friday night make up a lot more than 1.5% of our population, and most of us don’t even go to gay bars!

    Just watch – once the grotesque social construct of the “closet” is abolished and the shame and disgust factors are washed away, that figure is going to jump through the roof !

  12. The absurdity of suggesting that only 0.4% of people over 65 are LGBT in itself suggests how unreliable this survey must be.

  13. Michael 2912 3 Oct 2013, 10:03pm

    In a population of 63,700,000 the sample is too small to make a valid inference from but on the off chance that it’s right there are still just under 1 million of us who identify as such when taking part in a survey. Does anyone know anyone who took part?

  14. Thats a laugh!

    They ought to visit our local cruising ground. Every day – 24/7-its busy with guys cruising-I would say the majority being married taking a break from the missus-or on their way home from work-or on their lunch break for a ‘quickie’

    My own (unofficial) figure would be 15-20%- and that just men!

  15. GulliverUK 4 Oct 2013, 8:18am

    Is this like when;

    ONS: We got GDP figures wrong by tens of billions

    The ONS get their figures wrong all the time. This is an ‘experimental’ report, there are massive problems in the way they collect the data, and last time they collected the data 0.5% gave no response, and 2.8% said they didn’t know. The figure for heterosexual last time was 94.8%. 100-94.8% = 5.2% LGBT. Other government reports put LGB at 6% and report 8% who said they were attracted to others who were same-sex, or had a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex, yet declared themselves heterosexual.
    page 5.

    1. GulliverUK 4 Oct 2013, 8:31am

      btw, this is reported in the Mail today, with heterosexuals at 93.5%. 100-93.5% = 6.5%. Unfortunately getting papers to report the figures correctly and in context is unlikely to happen, there is an agenda to undermine the case for equality based on reporting lower bogus misrepresented figures.

      If 3.6% refused to answer or said they didn’t know, you must ask the question why. If you are heterosexual you know, if you are gay you know, if you are bisexual you know, if you are questioning then you are unsure you are heterosexual, that much we do know. If you are refusing to answer then it is likely you are a) intimidated by the questioning or manner of questioning and not heterosexual or b) unsure you are heterosexual. It’s common sense.

  16. Colin (London) 4 Oct 2013, 10:37am

    Very simple answer. Most people do not identify as gay on official paperwork, census, medical records etc.

    Note many of us remember how insurance companies were going to treat gays etc. I lost 2 senior jobs for being gay.

    I live a gay lifestyle for sure but sadly it has only been in the last 5 years I’m out and proud in every aspect of my life.

    Even in London many people I have spoken to are careful at work or any paperwork / gov.

    The UN says 6% of the world is gay….240 Million of us..Mr Right where are you!!!

  17. Paul Haresnape 4 Oct 2013, 11:48am

    Interesting to note a 28.5% increase in the number of 16-24 year olds identifying as LGBT – in just one year.

    Oddly, the Daily Mail neglected to mention this.

  18. Truro_Student 4 Oct 2013, 12:01pm

    Interesting that there has been a 28.5% increase in the number of 16-24 year olds identifying as LGBT – in just one year.

    Why isn’t this the headline figure?

  19. A simple way to work out how many gay men there are….

  20. That just shows how homophobic is Britain. Even in US numbers of OPENLY gay people are much higher.

  21. When being left handed stopped being seen as a ‘bad evil’ thing, the rates of reported left-handedness increases slowly over time.

    It’s the same with sexuality. I never tick ‘gay’ on any survey. If asked I’d be wondering ‘why’. I’ve grown up in a homophobic society so it feels threatening to have any data collected on me.

    Give in 50 years, then the real rate will come through.

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