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Video: Elton John tells paparazzi: ‘Will You Just F**k Off?’

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Reader comments

  1. Can totally identify with that sentiment, I hope the paps didn’t ruin Elton’s meal.

  2. I wish Elton John would follow his own advice.

    He is a wretched greedy pig for performing in Russia for cash (like he performed in South Africa during apartheid).

    He is an appalling human being.

    1. I don’t think he’s appalling, but he’s certainly ridiculous. More’s the pity,

  3. Another slow news day?

    1. Derek Williams 2 Oct 2013, 11:58am

      I find this to be newsworthy because it gives LGBT a bad reputation. That is of the greatest concern to me. We have enough trouble as it is without behaviour like this undermining the good work that is being done by LGBT activists, and our straight allies. Moreover, he has a knighthood, the highest honour that can be bestowed on an ordinary citizen. Imagine the public reaction if, say a banker who was Sir So And So were to tell people to “fuck off”. A higher standard of behaviour is called for for public dignitaries.

  4. Derek Williams 2 Oct 2013, 11:32am

    He should apologise. The straight press have been supportive of ‘out’ performers and given us a fair treatment by and large. Watch how fast this will evaporate if behaviour like this continues.

    1. PantoHorse 2 Oct 2013, 12:01pm

      We should sit quietly in the corner and not make a fuss when treated badky, lest we get some bad press? How very Uncle Tom, Derek.

    2. The “straight press” (something I have never heard of before) are associated with these disgusting wastes of skin calling themselves Paparazzi, then I think he should be much more vocal in his verbal assault of them.

      These creatures are vile, lowlife scum, and while I don’t support Elton for his decision to play in Russia (really, it just defies belief that he could justify that), paparazzi are disgusting Humans who do not deserve any respect at all for the “job” they do.

      1. Why do you keep posting links to a sex-toy website? This is partly why straight people assume that everything ‘gay’ is axiomatically sexual in nature. Would you give out this link in the Mirror or the even the Guardian? It annoys me that people reflexively assume that ‘gay’ is automatically non-family-friendly. Also, Elton’s f-bomb should have been bleeped out. This sort of moral latitude coarsens us all.

    3. He’s been obnoxious for decades and still they buzz around him like flies around dung. I don’t think you understand the nature of paparazzi.

  5. I trust he will be as forthright in his condemnation of Russia’s vile dictatorship when he entertains them in December

    1. He won’t be.

      Nor will he donate a single rouble to any Russian gay rights group.

      This is Elton John. He has a shameful record of whoring himself to the most disgusting bigots for cash.

  6. With all his money I don’t think Elton gives a r*ts arse what we think!
    As for performing in Russia, I believe he is right. As an openly gay International Artist he will be in their face. That can surely only be a good thing (:

    1. Derek Williams 2 Oct 2013, 11:57am

      This won’t end well for him (or us) with behaviour like this.

      1. Is your middle name Cassandra by any chance Derek?

    2. Rubbish.

      When he performed repeatedly in South Africa to a segregated audience he did not condemn apartheid.

      He will say NOTHING about the Russian laws.

      professional whores like Elton John don’t want to upset their tricks.

    3. What will he do? And how will anything he does do anything to help those being victimized in Russia?

      People are looking at this the wrong way. His performance will not be televised, there will be a few thousand people (at most) even aware of him playing. His audience are not the ones needing to be confronted.

      The Russian media will ignore him, any statement he makes will fall on deaf ears, his attendance will only serve to reinforce the notion that the law is right and just, and that some in the international gay community agree with it.

      Boycotting would do far more for this movement than performing.

      Now, if he goes, makes a very public statement, and causes enough fuss to demand some international press, then donates the entirety of the profits to LGBT groups in Russia, I might change my opinion of him.

      Somehow, I very much doubt any of that will happen, given the historical evidence of this man doing anything for some cash, even when it spits in the face of Human Rights.

      1. But surely, the international media will be closely following his visit? If he does not want to be forever known as a ‘wuss’ and an ‘uncle Tom’, surely he MUST speak out while he’s there? The world will be EXPECTING him to test Russia’s resolve – won’t they? I certainly am ….

  7. I’m not a fan but I can’t say I blame him for his outburst, I’d prob do the same if I was in his position.

    1. Elton has knocked the top off his voice to quite a severe degree but his back catalogue has some wonderful moments in it.
      While I can’t describe myself as a fan of Elton’s either he remains a high profile out gay celebrity with an amazing talent to entertain and he has huge potential to influence people, let’s hope he can make a difference to the desperate situation in Russia presently.

  8. What a grumpy old crosspatch! It seems odd that if he finds the presence of paparazzi so unappealing (and I can see why) he continues to go to restaurants where their presence outside can be guaranteed. There are plenty of ways of keeping a low profile if one wishes to.

    1. It’s not so simple rehan – what you meant to say was…

      “He find the presence of the paparazzi so unappealing (and I can see why yet he continues to LEAVE THE HOUSE where their presence outside can be guaranteed.”

      Do you know how the paparazzi even operate? They’re like the FBI. They wait outside your house and follow you everywhere you go ALL the time. They shout the most horrific things to get your attention. Every last one of them is an idiotic parasitic scum bag. They are AWFUL people. NOBOBDY deserves to be stalked like that. Hello and OK! magazine are disgusting, shallow tabloids who pay thousands of pounds for their photos and encourage their vulture like behaviour. I hate every single thing about “celebrity” culture.

      1. That might be so if you’re in the main headlines for some reason, but it really isn’t the case otherwise. Even the Princess of Wales at the height of her fame (though not at the height of her notoriety) was able to walk on Hampstead Heath with a group of friends without anybody realising who she is. In any city there are plenty of excellent restaurants that aren’t known as celebrity hangouts and don’t, consequently, have banks of paparazzi clogging the entrance. It’s perfectly possible for almost anyone to have a quiet night out if they really want to.

        On the other hand, if you choose to go to a “celebrity” restaurant, seeking publicity (why else go there?), the least you can do is be gracious.

        1. “Look at me…no don’t”

  9. The paprazzi have far too much free reign. They are dogs that need a leash. They killed Diana and they ruined Michael Jacksons and Britney Spears’ lives.

    They guilt trip celebrities saying that the photos pay for their childrens education and food. They’re nasty vultures that need to be brought down a peg or too.

    I’ve never understood why people think they have a right to stalk celebrities and know every inch of their personal lives JUST because they’re celebrities.

    I star in a movie or record a hit song and now all of a sudden you can follow me round with a camera 24/7? Yeah that’s not going to happen.

    If I was stalked by paparazzi I would take a week off and follow them everywhere. I’d follow them with a camera EVERYWHERE they go and harass their families. Give em a taste of their own medicine I say.

    1. There are a few exceptions, but by and large celebrities – certainly those in any form of entertainment – are people who desperately seek attention, usually keeping themselves firmly in the public eye solely to generate more income. They enter into a pact with those who promote them, and usually only start whining when they lose control of the publicity machine. I shouldn’t waste too much of your time feeling sorry for them.

  10. We love Elton for who he is: honest and straightforward

  11. I guess it is fun to be hunted by the paparazzis for the first ten years. The next thirty not so much.

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