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‘Rainbow’ German Winter Olympics uniforms seen as silent protest against Russian anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. Jamiebeags 2 Oct 2013, 1:49pm

    Interesting approach from a country which bans gay adoption, marriage and equal rights for LGBT people.

  2. It doesn’t look a bit like a rainbow flag

    1. In a way, it doesn’t really matter. The Russian government has hoisted itself on its own petard. What are they going to do, take offense and order them to abandon that portion of their uniform or arrest them if they don’t? And if one of the vigilante groups, which the police are conveniently not noticing, grabs one of the German athletes and roughs him up to the point where he needs to be hospitalized; you have the makings of an international incident.

      The problem with self righteous people, like the Russian government, Putin, to be specific, is that they get too cocksure of themselves and wind up making that fatal mistake that will bring almost unanimous condemnation upon them. One can only hope.

      1. Why would they tell them to take off a uniform that doesn’t look a bit like a rainbow flag?

  3. That looks nothing like vthe rainbow flag.

    if it is meant as a silent protest it is not effective.

    The protests should not be silent.

    They should be loud.

  4. It looks hideous and nothing like the rainbow flag.
    It is should also not be a silent protest. If each team means to do something put forward the rainbow flag as your national flag.
    Would be awesome to see the parade of nations with rainbow flag and the rainbow flag at each medal ceremony.

    A nice kick in the teeth to the neo-nazis in Russia.

  5. This is so weird; when conceptualizing possible protests, the two best ideas I could come up with that would show solidarity whilst meaning totally immune from the ridiculous censorship laws was the paratropper uniforms and a “fragmented” rainbow uniform EXACTLY like these ones!!

    The “not good enough” crowd need to remember who the enemy is here. The enemy is Putin, the fraudulent laws and the IOC. Allies are not the enemy, allies are not the ones you should be attacking here. They’re TRYING, that’s good enough for me. They didn’t have to do anything, and the situation is a very tricky one. It isn’t easy to do this. Cut em some slack!!!

    Thanks Germany, you look like a bunch of tellytubbies but the sign of solidarity is quite clear. Brilliant !

    1. “They’re TRYING, that’s good enough for me”
      no they are not, as it says in the article the design was finalised before this all kicked off and it doesn’t look remotely like the rainbow flag.

      “They didn’t have to do anything”
      They didn’t

      “the sign of solidarity is quite clear.”
      Only in the same way that it’s ‘quite clear’ that the patterns on the moon were specifically designed to show solidarity with Asian rabbits…

      1. All I’m hearing Tom is “It’s not good enough. I want more. MORE MORE MORE!!!”

        What do you want them to do exactly? What would you suggest would be an appropriate form of protest that would a) show solidarity in a clear way and b) be immune from scrutiny

        It’s not meant to look like the rainbow “flag” it’s meant to look like a rainbow!!! We can hardly dress them in Elton John’s wardrobe now can we.

        1. What I want is a statement by the IOC condemning Russia’s law and a pledge that seeing as the law contravenes the Olympic Charter that Russia will be barred from competing in the Sochi Olympics.

          1. Steve I want that too, but sadly the IOC has made its stance pretty clear; get to the back of the bus, sit down and shut up or suffer the consequences :(

  6. Great idea, and much more visible than rainbow shoelaces !

    Team UK should follow suit.

    1. It in no way resembles a rainbow flag though.

      Simply put this seems like a meaningless PR gesture from Germany and Adidas to show that they give a toss about human rights.

  7. Colin (London) 2 Oct 2013, 3:29pm

    Love it and thank the people involved in all the decisions, designs and support.

    This must have been a tough call. Willy Bognor thank you.

    Clearly sends out a message to the world as well as Russia.

    I can only hope others will follow your example.

  8. The german flag looks more like a rainbow flag than this uniform

  9. Whether or not it looks like a rainbow flag, it’s the intent which is important. If Germany makes it VERY clear that the uniform is meant to show solidarity with Russia’s LGBT community, I’m all for it.

    1. They CAN’T make that clear, because if they claim it’s a political statement then it’s not allowed and they can’t keep it.

      However, it’s impossible to prove it’s a political statement if they don’t say it is.

  10. John in Toronto Canada 2 Oct 2013, 5:13pm

    I wish the Canadian uniforms would feature something even more blatantly supportive.

  11. Jim Nashville 2 Oct 2013, 5:57pm

    unless the color on my new laptop is so off the mark . I dont see rainbow . I see yellows, blues and greens in light or pastel shades .. am I wrong ..
    are we just looking for anything to move our agenda to the front in russia ..

  12. Helge Vladimir Tiller 2 Oct 2013, 7:10pm

    If this isn’t a perfect rainbow—the attention and the discussions will make it one-!

  13. LOL How hideous. Living in Germany but not a german, I’d have to say they are not the most stylish or fashion forward of nations and their London Olympic uniform was terrible, scarves in summer- enough said.
    As for Jamiebeags comment- Germany is very forward in gay rights, allowing gay marriage and more rights to LGBT community then most EU countries.

  14. The design couldnt possibly have been generated and approved within the specified time period ie since the introduction of the federal “homosexual propaganda” law in “Russia”n Federation. This meaning cannot possibly have been intended by the original designer, however… if that meaning becomes relevant and gets applied constructively… I have been advocating the use of colour of uniforms from since long before the UEFA Euro Football Championships…some countries have very definite colours…Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, France… see what I’m saying? And if people accidentally on purpose stand in a particular sequence, how can anyone prove the intentionality of that?

    Also, I have a feeling that in Germany Lesbian and gay partnerships still dont attract the tax allowances that heterosexual marriages receive. I remember a protest from Berlin PRIDE against Merkel.

  15. but it’s the right idea, get dressed up to make a colourful show of yourself…sounds like Pride to me!

  16. and waving lovely flags with lots of noise and music…. hope the Russians have sorted out the snow issue!

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