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New Jersey state: Equal marriage would cause ‘irreparable harm’ if allowed to go ahead

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Reader comments

  1. Jen Marcus 2 Oct 2013, 12:15pm

    “Irreparable Harm?” BS! I think the straights do a good job in that regard given the present divorce rates .

  2. Irreparable harm is just a bit non-specific,
    got any legitimate evidenced-based examples of this irreparable harm then?

  3. just like in all the other states……….. and the countries where it’s been legal for almost a decade…………. oh wait

  4. What Chris Christie really means is that this would cause “irreparable harm” to the right-wing religiously manic bigots who scream about their own right and freedoms while rejecting the freedoms and rights of others.

    If this would cause irreparable harm, bring it on! I hope there’s more such damage to the bigoted vocal religious loons in the US with each passing month!

    The only people this will harm are the religious crazies, and it’s about time they got a taste of their own medicine by states and public rejecting their authoritarian opinions.

    We would not accept the Taliban voicing their dogma in our countries, and we should not accept the same nonsense from so-called “Christians” either.

  5. No, Attorney General John Hoffman, you must’ve meant “far-FETCHED implications”.

  6. … you mean like the catastrophies which have befallen the fourteen or so countries which have already introduced it? Stupid, brainless, religiously-brainwashed bigot.

    1. I know, right? The world has totally ended in Denmark and The Netherlands.

  7. The only possible “irreparable harm” would be to Christie’s prejudice and bigotry … and, of course, his courting of the extreme right-wing voters in the next Presidential election! Poor misguided FOOL thinks America might vote for him!!!

  8. …considering how useless many heterosexuals are in relationships, and marriage plus rearing children, isn’t it rather a dumb pointless remark to make about GAYS not being fit etc, I mean lets be honest give Gay people at least the chance that they might prove to be better at it!

    1. The best argument is when they say equal marriage shouldn’t happen because “gay people are promiscuous”. Yes, people shouldn’t be allowed to make a life-long commitment because they are PROMISCUOUS.

      So funny.

  9. Oh give it a rest, pull the other one!!!

    I love watching these fools try to justify their foolishness. Very entertaining.

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