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NASCAR driver fined $10,000 for using anti-gay slur on Instagram

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Reader comments

  1. This is the ONLY way brain-dead toss-pots like him will get the message; by being hit, repeatedly, in the pocket.

  2. If only the IOC had this much integrity.

    1. I have to say I’m surprised and rather impressed that NASCAR and this chap’s team have taken such a firm stance on the issue. As you say, the IOC could learn quite a bit from them.

  3. Considering that so many sports people get into trouble for honophobia on social media there is absolutely no excuses for these people engaging in it.

    An apology is inadequate. He needs to be sacked and banned for life.

    That is the only way these morons will learn.

    ‘Sensitivity training’ sounds as useless as rainbow shoelaces for footballers.

  4. Someone should start up a social media PR company, to act as brain filters for these imbeciles.

    You could have them all just forward their suggested social media updates to the company, then someone with a bare minimum of common sense could vet them for publication, saving these idiots the cost and hassle of “accidentally” doing something completely embarrassing and potentially career ending.

    If these idiots can’t think for themselves and be reasonably sensible, perhaps they’ll willingly pay someone else to be rational for them?

  5. If the article is accurate, there is an endemic issue in the sport which needs to be addressed immediately and I’m not convinced that $10,000 is sufficiently punitive for someone earning at Piquet’s level.

    I think issuing race bans would clearly state the gravity of the offences and act as a deterrent as it could significantly affect the championship results.

  6. Kate Griffiths 2 Oct 2013, 2:37pm

    This driver is already banned from Formula 1 for life after deliberatly crashing his car during the Singapore GP in 2008. NASCAR has let this driver off lightly in my view. The fine will not hurt Piquet Jr as his wages are sure to be higher than that. The Piquet family has a history of controversary in motor racing. Remember Piquet Sr thumping and kicking Salazar at Hockenhiem in the early 80’s? NASCAR should have parked him for a few races

  7. Fancy losing 10 grand because you made a dumb comment on instagram! Probably pennies to him though.

    “It was a joke, I didn’t mean it in a bad way” – I love this excuse. It’s like when white people use the N word as a “joke”. Yeah you aren’t racist and NO you didn’t “mean it” but it doesn’t change the offensive nature of the word. It’s still offensive by definition no matter when/where/why its used.

  8. One thing I really wonder with this story, and many others like it, is why Pink News reporting is so coy about what was actually said. I mean “a three-letter slur” makes it pretty obvious, I can’t think of any three-letter homophobic slurs other than “fag”, and perhaps I’m wrong but I don’t think anyone would consider Pink News repeating the slur verbatim (as part of its news reporting) to be in itself offensive?

  9. Kate Griffiths 2 Oct 2013, 8:28pm

    Pink News hasn’t fully reported the case and the penalty that has been accessed on Piquet Jr. He has been fined $10,000, told to attend sensitivity training AND placed on indefinite probation. This means if he violates the two rules he has been punished for he will face further and tougher penalty and NASCAR don’t hesitate to ban drivers or members of teams if NASCAR deems it necessary.

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