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Islamic preacher who called for gays ‘to be thrown off mountain’ to speak at London conference

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  1. Why don’t we tolerate religious discrimination or racism but we tolerate homophobia and mask it as free speech? There is nothing British about denying respect to a group of people, Islam will never be at peace with Britain.

  2. lady tanya 2 Oct 2013, 2:39pm

    why is it ok for this man to say we should be KILLED ,,,BUT if we the LGBT or any one say any thing bad to this man we get get time in jail
    why why why ,, and this man gets free money from our taxes

    1. I agree that sometimes the govt is overzealous regarding ‘islamophobia’, but I’m pretty sure nobody will be getting in any sort of trouble for calling this backward cretin what he is.

  3. Kahn, I’m not homophobic, but gay people should be thrown off mountains. I had to chuckle at that, I mean does he just not understand what homophobic means or is he just completely retarded?

    1. That There Other David 2 Oct 2013, 4:08pm

      The latter. However, his followers must be even worse.

  4. Religion of peace alright.

    1. ..A piece of you here, and piece of you there…

  5. Jock S. Trap 2 Oct 2013, 2:45pm

    No-one will ever convince me religion is good or peaceful. It is hateful and evil.

    These people are not inclusive of our society nor culture and should be stopped from causing harm and hatred.

  6. lady tanya 2 Oct 2013, 2:45pm

    there is no religion that likes us.. religion was made up to have power over them

    1. BlokeToys 2 Oct 2013, 2:50pm

      Religion is like a dictator, it chooses groups to attack to give followers a sense of being more important. Religion is all about power. The organized religious heads gain power of their weak-minded followers by granting them authority and power over others in society.

      It’s a sick and twisted game, whatever religion it is. The entire notion of religion is built upon one small group of “leaders” wanting to control others, and then that controlled group being given the justification to put themselves above others too.

      We really should feel sorry for the religious, they are so insecure as Humans that they need to victimize others to make them feel powerful. They have no sense of self-determination and empowerment themselves, so they have to create it outside of their souls by convincing themselves that they have a right to attack people.

      1. The early preachers must have been clever psychologists. They knew if they put on clothing which set them apart, it gave them authority. Loads of experiments have been done to show this is still applicable today … we ‘defer’ to the white coat of a doctor or a cop in uniform. Combine that with the illusion that they can ‘speak to spirits’ and the guillable swallow it hook, line and sinker. Well, the age of religious deference is coming to an end. And the clergy and their devoted brain-dead followers don’t like it. Well, tough. The game’s up. Equality for all is coming and there ain’t a monkey’s nuts you can do about it. Unless you live somewhere really backward like Russia ….

      2. Eh, Buddhism takes a pretty reasonable stance.

        (Yes I know not everyone thinks it’s a real religion. I know. Thanks.)

    2. That’s not quite true, The Quakers are not homophobic at all, just thought I would let you know that.

      1. BlokeToys 2 Oct 2013, 4:26pm

        I should emphasize that I refer to “organized religion”, primarily Islam, Christianity and Catholicism of various breeds.

        I often lump them all together unfairly, assuming that many will understand what I mean. Perhaps I should clarify this in the future and limit this description.

        It’s hard to do though, considering there are also smaller religious nut groups like $cientology who practice the same methods of victimization to secure their weak-minded following.

      2. George Broadhead 2 Oct 2013, 5:44pm

        “The Quakers are not homophobic at all, just thought I would let you know that”

        Quite right! Unfortunately the Quakers (officially the Society of Friends) are a small minority Christian sect with little or no influence, unlike the Catholics, for instance, that have representation at the UN.

        1. roderious 2 Oct 2013, 8:45pm

          The Quakers in the UK may not be homophobic (or at least not as homophobic as other denominations) but Quaker Churches in the Carribean and Afria are a very different matter. Quakers are the Lib Dems of religion.

    3. I don’t mean to be impolite, but there are some major errors with your assertions. While there are indeed certain religions that are not tolerant of same-sex activity (many forms of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism among them), there are equally many, many religious groups completely accepting of same-sex relations (including other forms of the aforementioned religions, as well as many contemporary Pagan groups, indigenous religions, Raelism etc). In fact there are certain religions designed specifically for LGBT people i.e. the Radical Faeries or the Minoan Brotherhood.

      Similarly, your claim that religion was invented by individuals to gain power over others has been completely discredited by historians of religion; yes religious institutions often do wield power over others, but this is not a universal component of religion. Many religions, like Thelema or LaVeyan Satanism, are deeply libertarian in structure, for instance.

      1. The fact there are so many different religions all saying different things shows what an utter load of rubbish they are.

        It may not start from a position of power but it evolves into one and it adds more and more rules as time goes by corrupting the original source of the religion. They are corrupt and need to have no real power. Small accepting religions would become the same controlling monsters if they grew to a larger size.

        Has no one noticed that they are all run by men, subjugate women and actively keep out anyone who is different to the point of physical violence.

  7. BlokeToys 2 Oct 2013, 2:46pm

    This is hate speech, and it is against the laws of this country.

    I am all for religious tolerance and acceptance when it is a personal matter, and the presence of Islamic centers in this country doesn’t bother me and more than the presence of Christian churches, it’s when such religious venues are used by bile-spewing bigots that I demand action.

    These horrific men should not be given a platform in this country, end of discussion.

    These religious groups cannot on the one hand claim to be inclusive and be working for the betterment of their community (as many of these centers claim) and then allow such hateful people to represent them in these events.

    It’s one or the other. They either want to be part of this society and accept the social landscape of secularism, equality and freedom, or they don’t. If they don’t, they should be closed.

    By inviting these disgusting men to speak, they are going against what they claim to be, that should result in closure and banning of hate groups.

    1. keith francis farrell 3 Oct 2013, 12:51am

      I totally agree with you. I am so sick and tired of all religions getting money from this government, then preaching hate or inequality. they also are not taxed. I think it is time that we the people made things clear that we will not accept this any more. any religion that preaches this should face legal action. I wonder if we will be able to get a recording of the speeches and if there is anything homophobic or hateful, that we could have the person charged and if possible removed from this country.

    2. Justusboyz 3 Oct 2013, 6:53am

      Well said Bloke T , I was thinking expletives so you summed it up.

  8. Khan has previously claimed: “I’m not homophobic. I believe in a natural way of life. I’m repeating you what your Bible tells you.”

    Your bible is WRONG. The reason you don’t like us is because we’re walking talking proof that your bible is WRONG. You can’t toss us off a mountain like fossils or scientific documents; we will win in the end.

    In a court of law, it would be a stack of scientific evidence against the BIBLE. I would love for some religious look to take me to court and try me for “crimes against humanity” and prove that I’m un-natural. I’d have a field day. I would wipe the floor with them.

  9. Another Piece of Human SCUM – hiding his ignorance and blatant Hatred behind a misogynistic superstition responsible for Murdering thousands of innocent people – just because they don’t agree with their backward lifestyle!

    Someone show him what it’s like and put a bullet between his empty animal skull!

    Angry, me?

    1. Colin (London) 2 Oct 2013, 3:34pm

      Very close to what I was about to write.

  10. Ok – so why can we not call Green Lanes or Tottenham police station and complain about hate speech?

  11. Abu Usamah at-Thahabi. Twinned with Scott Lively.

  12. I notice he is black. What if I said: “Black people should be thrown off a mountain”?

    For the record – I am not a racist, nor do I think black people should be thrown form anything, let alone mountains.

    However – why would racism be prosecuted, but homophobia be protected as religious freedom?

    1. BlokeToys 2 Oct 2013, 4:31pm

      Ah, that’s different!
      Remember, there are plenty of Christians in this world who believe they should have the freedom and right to attack others, while using that freedom to deny the freedom of others to criticize them.
      This is the kind of hypocrisy we have learned to expect from the nutters, so simple minded in their thought process that they can’t even see the stupidity and nonsense of their own position.

      He’ll likely claim that his religion says we’re all equal, unless you’re gay, in which case he says his religion claims he has the right to attack.

      It’s pointless trying to reason with these imbeciles. They are, after all, believers in a mythical sky wizard. It’s like trying to have an intelligent conversation with someone who believes that purple unicorns live on Mars.

  13. Some Muslim men are quite cute. This one’s a definite munter.

    1. Given that there are some 1.6bn Muslims in the world, it’s to be expected that some would be “quite cute” – but it’s utterly irrelevant one way or the other. It’s the ugliness inside this individual’s head that’s the issue.

  14. This is not a Muslim, it’s an extremist. How is it can call for mass murder of a whole group and not be put in prison is beyond me.

    1. No dhimmi tool 2 Oct 2013, 11:00pm

      He certainly IS a Muslim, a very devout Muslim, as it is in line with fundamentalist Islam to murder gays.

      He would say that YOU are not a Muslim, and then he would call for your death according to Islamic law.

      Quit deluding yourself that THIS violence and hatred are not Islam – they are. That’s the TRUTH. Time to grow up.

      And if you had the courage, you would go tell HIM that he’s not a Muslim. Oh, that’s right – you’re too afraid, which makes you a racist Islamophobe.

  15. Again so many people I know confuse criticizing Islam with racism….and therefore at best avoid the subject and at worst run to islams defense.

    1. Agree – A Muslim is a follower of Islam. Islam is a religion, a religion is a BELIEF system which is open to critique criticism and debunking. calling out religious belief, interpretation or practices is not racism.

      Race is an immutable human characteristic, like gender and sexual orientation it is present from birth, just like eye color, unlike religion which is a choice, and it is a construct of past times by humans trying to understand the world around them and is open to change (or should be) in the light of knowledge and deeper understanding – not fixed in aspic or regressive to former times and tradition.

      Calling for the death of any person because a reading of a belief or ancient scroll is an offence in this country, against the law, if this man propounds these vile and illegal acts or counsels someone else to commit them, then he should be arrested and jailed and if not a British citizen after his sentence is served, deported.

      1. Colin (London) 2 Oct 2013, 3:36pm

        Beautifully put. Thanks

      2. Superb post…..thanks

      3. You are correct,

        But the police will never arrest him .. however .. if the EDL dared to protest there against him, then I am certain many EDL members would be arrested.

        1. BlokeToys 2 Oct 2013, 4:38pm

          And so they should be when breaking the law.

          The EDL are a bunch of racist and homophobic knuckle-draggers, and no matter how much I might despise the wastes of skin preaching intolerance under the banner of religion, the EDL scum should NEVER be given any support in opposition to it.

          It is already illegal in this country to preach hatred and promote violence, and these men appearing WILL gain attention from the authorities. The moment they make any statement which could be construed as hate speech or incitement they WILL be arrested. Just because the Daily Heil would like you to believe otherwise does not make it true.

          It’s not one or the other here, you don’t have to support Nazi’s to express outrage at a radical cleric.

          The EDL has PROVEN links to Neo-Nazism and European Fascism, this is a FACT.

          Anyone who supports anything the EDL says or does needs their head read, and requires some further education in what that group of embarrassing individuals represents.

          1. Quite right.

          2. Bloke toys, member of UAF I presume from your fanatical rhetoric? Pink News should not be a platform for political extremists of any sort – left or right. Go away you hate-monger.

  16. It always hurts to see people with these beliefs and attitudes and I’m at a loss as to how to change such fundamental hatred.

    It’s deplorable that, based on an alleged loving and peaceful theism, that humans would treat each other this way.

  17. Then i feel quite justified in calling him a PIG with a hat on.

  18. Can someone please explain why it is that these people can say what the f**k they like about us but we daren’t utter a word of insult in return? What is the ‘deference’ we are forced afford religion all about? WHY are someone’s ‘beliefs’ sacred but their ‘god-given’ (puin intended) sexuality is not? And don’t give me any childish guff about ‘sin (homosexuality) being the work of the devil’. The devil was invented by religion to explain all the horrendous and vile actions of a supposedly loving god.

    1. Because we’re better than that. Don’t stoop to their level – try and set a good example.

      1. My ancestors turned the other cheek and ended up in the ovens at Auschwitz.

        1. I’m sorry, jamesh but he ‘beliefs’ of these people are such that they are brainwashed into flying ‘planes into buildings and suicide-bombings of supermarkets. Yet we pussyfoot around and no-one EVER says to them, ‘For f**k’s sake – all this for a ‘belief’ in a lot of made-up nonsense’. That’s not stooping to their level. It’s telling them the truth – straight. But everyone seems to scared to insult ‘religion’. Why shouldn’t we? They spend their sad, miserable lives insulting us … all in the name of The Tooth Fairy … and we’re supposed to take it without remonstration because ‘religion’ says so? I simply don’t get it.

  19. Hah khan, One doth protest to much. Sounds familiar, Cardinal Keith O’Brian….

  20. He endorses Death to all gays and yet says that he is not homophobic???????

  21. SO – this disgusting example of a human is American, deport him back to his good old USA as in-conducive the public good, and a threat to public order, after we prosecute him for advocating through hate speech and counselling murder of non- muslim british citizens and others.
    Religion can be no defence for such acts, against humanity.
    Lets get shot of this lunatic from our islands.

  22. You could teach a parrot to repeat wwords said in the Bible.
    These hate preachers who incite others to murder are perverted , dirty, filthy prejudiced and criminal, they should be locked up until ultimately exported to some backward extremist Muslim country where they will feel more at home.

    1. Deported rather

  23. Why aren’t these people deported? They have no right to spew hatred in a civilized society.

  24. The more religious a person is the less intelligent he or she is and vice versa. In this, highly intelligent people are always regarded as an enemy of “god”.

  25. dorsetbob 2 Oct 2013, 4:09pm

    The police should be there to monitor the event. If they spout homophobic bile arrest them on the spot, it is against the law so enforce it.

  26. This story also says alot about the people running the Edmonton Islamic Centre for allowing people like this to speak in the first place. What happened to that peacefull excepting Islamic faith we are constantly told about and that they reject the hardliners who spout hatred and violence? This is a matter for the police to either attend and witness for any such remarks of hatred or to stop the event taking place altogether. Interesting to note that the centres web site states that there is only a Kung Fu class on sunday!

  27. It is long past time that people like this where either thrown out of the country or put into prison where they belong. Calling on people to kill is incitement to commit murder. Why has he not been charged?

    I hope there will be a large and vociferous demonstration against this man and the others hate mongers at this event.

  28. John in Toronto Canada 2 Oct 2013, 5:16pm

    I’ll go up the mountain with you a**hole. But you’ll be the one who takes the fast way down.

  29. And on the way down, I’ll grab his ankles and take him with me.

    1. And then use his ugly body as a soft landing.

  30. GingerlyColors 2 Oct 2013, 5:48pm

    The Westboro Baptist Church are banned from this country so why doesn’t a similar ban apply to extremists from other religions who plan to spread their poison in this country?

  31. RedDevil9 2 Oct 2013, 5:49pm

    Publicly preaching hate and death to minorities should be an arrestable offence. Once they’re up on a podium and spreading their filth to an audience of many people, they should be arrested for doing it. The same goes for the likes of the Pope.

    1. I understood this to be correct. But I think the police will only react if they receive a complaint.

  32. George Broadhesd 2 Oct 2013, 5:51pm

    I hope that Peter Tatchell, who is so adept at organising demonstrations, will organise one at this conference.

  33. Personally I think he should be invited in on the condition he agrees to a debate on tv.

    Anyone who believes in the extreme fringes of any religion is easily able to access extreme material to support their views via YouTube, Facebook, etc. Censoring them from UK tv doesn’t achieve much these days. In fact it only serves to alienate more of those in the mainstream by allowing them to be convinced they’re being censored.

    1. Patrick I agree we cannot do much about (apart from regularly blocking their new IP address) these nut jobs if they are spreading their hate filled bile from a hell hole somewhere else on the planet, but this one is here in the UK and should, if he runs true to form at his appearance, be promptly arrested and prosecuted – then after serving his sentence, be deported to his own country, which I understand is the USA, and be barred from re-entry to the UK.
      Fomenting of hatred and murder should not be tolerated, whether it is this or any other religious nut case spouting their interpretation of ancient delusion to advocate and council harming of other people.

  34. George Broadhead 2 Oct 2013, 6:25pm

    I hope that Peter Tatchell, who is so adept at organising demonstrations, will organise one at this conference.

  35. Campaign group “Hope not Hate” they are either indulging in irony or are dangerously naive.

  36. soapbubblequeen 2 Oct 2013, 6:57pm

    Get this FILTH out of our country!! This is not about freedom of religion or expression one iota. It is about allowing people to promote hatred under the cover of their ‘faith’ and ‘beliefs’. Totally DESPICABLE!!

  37. Dr. Denis MacEoin 2 Oct 2013, 7:09pm

    ‘’m repeating you what your Bible tells you.” (Murtza Khan). Actually, the Qur’an tells us that the Old and New Testaments are subject to tahrif, so that their words have been distorted out of shape and are all false. How does this hypocrite reconcile quoting the Qur’an and citing the Bible?

  38. Lyuba Marchenko 2 Oct 2013, 8:39pm

    Molon labe, you fecking git. Try to throw this Heathen of any mountain. You are mortal as well. Some of us queers are locked and loaded, remember that you murdering son of the bitch!

  39. Staircase2 2 Oct 2013, 9:24pm

    He’s gay right…?

  40. The Kitty Channel 2 Oct 2013, 11:41pm

    How come a man with these views is admitted to the country? Something very wrong there.

  41. Cade in Aus 2 Oct 2013, 11:46pm

    Ahhh Just what the world needs right now. More religious hate and stupidity.

  42. Cade in Aus 2 Oct 2013, 11:56pm

    I’ve never known homosexuals to blow themselves up in crowded shopping centre to kill as many people as possible or to hijack planes and fly them into buildings or the many other atrocities committed in the name of Islam. Fix those who belong to your filthy religion first before you comment on what’s wrong with homosexuals.

    1. Tell you what, a few more years of this crap and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few radical fairies started blowing stuff up just to get people to finally take us seriously. the LGBT community has very patiently waited for the world to catch up with us, and we’ve very patiently proven ourselves to the world. Fear is a great way to gain respect, and terrorism works wonders in this regard!! When the “war” is over and we have the respect we deserve, I will be proud to say we are one of the only oppressed groups who never resorted to violence or terrorism to gain respect. We can be very proud of that I think, and if anyone has an excuse to go on a bloody vengeful rampage, it’s US!! No, we are far too classy for that.

  43. He sounds charming:
    “If I were to call homosexuals perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered, that’s my freedom of speech, isn’t it?”

    1. Wrong. Freedom of speech laws give a lot of leeway, but they end at incitement to crime. The relationship that these deranged fanatics have with Western values is a sick and paradoxical farce. Countries like Britain are so much more attractive to them than their ultra-oppressive homelands, yet they think death and chaos are deserved for not following the examples that these distant Islamic nations lead.

    2. Make yourself aware of the last sermon of the prophit mohamad, muslims are meant to follow this. You will see just how corrupt they have become when you see what was called for. Knowledge is a powerful thing when fighting these hateful loons.

      1. But then, wasn’t Jesus’ central message one of love? You don’t get much of THAT out of the mouths of the likes of Bryan Fischer or Abu Usamah at-Thahabi. But then, you wouldn’t, would you? The reason they are so obsessed with gay sex has no connection whatsoever to the bible. The reason is because they get so hot and bothered at their own suppressed same-sex attractions. To spew out their bile onto gay people is cathartic. It rids them, for a while at least, of the ultra-self-hatred they experience 24/7. If only people were more aware of this driving mechanism, perhaps these vile homophobes would think much more carefully before speaking out.

  44. and yet some people say Islam is not intrinsecally homophobic…yeah, sure…

  45. Ignorant and twisted

  46. Why is this American allowed to stay in the UK?

  47. I do hate Muslims.

    1. Even the gay ones? That statement shows you need to learn about them and meet some.

      Don’t tar everyone with the same brush because there are some loud mouthed bigoted people, do you hate all Christians, they have people just as bad.

      The world doesn’t need any more hate.

    2. Staircase2 3 Oct 2013, 1:26pm

      @cel that’s rubbish
      …something tells me you’re part of the EDL conspiracy no…?

    3. Why is it when someone on pink news says they hate christians they get 1000 thumbs up, and when they say they hate muslims, they get thumbs down?????

  48. You could try going to the UAF they stand up to this sort of thing? Oh hang on, they are run by a Muslim who has the same beliefs, oh well.

  49. Happily I live in East Anglia where it is hard even to find a hill

  50. I have today emailed the Home office and received a reply back which is pasted below – I presume MPS is the Police and will copy their reply here once received.


    Reference : T12XXXXXXXX

    Date: 03-Oct-2013


    Thank you for your e-mail of 03/10/2013 08:19:57 regarding…..

    The matters you have raised are the responsibility of Communities & Local

    We have therefore transferred your e-mail to, who will arrange for a
    reply to be sent to you.

    Transfer Desk

  51. Hate preachers,religious figureheads spouting homophobia, violence against LGBT citizens. There are lots of people around who do not wish us well and have no issue with spouting homophobia at will! Why is it, after so much advancement for the LGBT community in law is this hatred still allowed in this country? No other community would take this type of constant onslaught. So why should we? I am thinking now in terms of not just a reaction now but of the next election and about setting out a LGBT aganda that puts a stop to all of this with a strong line in the sand on hatred. I am fed up of the constant harrasment! But who will speak up in our name? Where is our voice in parliament? Where is stonewall? Do we just write to our local MPs and cross our fingers and hope? Its so wrong that we don’t have fair representantion in government with some official spokes person or body. I pay my taxes! Now where is my voice in authority thats stops the verbal bashing and threats to kill ???

  52. barrybear1980 3 Oct 2013, 6:37pm

    Why is this “man” in this country?
    He should be removed NOW, he should not be allowed to attend or speak at any events.

    Go now and take your evil thoughts with you.

    1. Perhaps until someone makes a formal complaint, the police / authorities can’t act.

  53. Suppose we just have to forgive him really cos he’s a typical ignorant twat !

    1. Forgive him? Why? Why should we forgive him? We should challenge him, expose him, and educate him. Even deport him (if he’s foreign born) if it is necessary, but not forgive him.

  54. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you cimmit attrocities. – Voltaire

  55. Marko Hubert 4 Oct 2013, 2:28am

    Unfortunately, people seems to be so scare to be call racists that in Europe and America those extremists are going to have their way with us. I will probably give the impression to be extremist myself, but I start to believe that those individuals should all be sent back in their country of birth even by force and never let them come back. It is quite surprising to see that in some part of their country of birth people are starting to fight them for freedom and liberty of speach but here we’re so coward that we let them say what they want to say and having their own way. What are we waiting for?

    And as for Khan’s claim about repeating to us what the Bible is saying. I will tell him as I would tell any christian extremist. Learn to understand the Bible before quoting it with your stupidity.

    1. Quote – Marko Hubert: “It is quite surprising to see that in some part of their country of birth people are starting to fight them for freedom and liberty of speach”. Quire right, Marko. Look at Egypt. People, especially the younder generations, are much better educated and more worldly than their parents and grandparents. They have seen how much better and more peacful the world can be without the divisions and control of organised reigion. I wish I could be around to see the final demise of ‘belief’ in the traditional, repressive, divisive, hate-filled, war-mongering religions of today.

  56. I think it’s high time for the gays to pick sides: side either with the adherents of the ideology, islam, that wants to kill you or with those who want to defeat the ideology. The choice is clear.

  57. equality4all 15 Oct 2013, 2:24pm

    how about we toss the foreign bastard off a mountain

  58. My imaginary friend is better than yours….. LOL

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