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Chris Brown: ‘Love is not a crime. Gay or straight. Love who you want to love’

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Reader comments

  1. I’d like to think this is a genuine move towards his acceptance of diversity. I hope it’s not simply a cynical attempt to generate a larger fan base.

    1. PantoHorse 3 Oct 2013, 2:03pm

      Very much doubt that would happen, or at least I would like to hop it would not happen. After all, the man’s got a tattoo of a beaten woman’s face on his neck. Not exactly attractive….

  2. Even if he smacks you around?

  3. Love is punching your girlfriend in the face. Yes, let’s all take lectures on love from this twat.

  4. He knows nothing about love, but he is definitely an expert on control, temper tantrums and beating women.

  5. Result. We want people to change their anti-GLBT views. He claims to have done so. Good news, surely.

    1. Regrettably domestic abusing twats aren’t the ideal spokespeople for LGBT equality.
      This is one person who’d help the cause by keeping his big trap shut.
      With friends like these…

  6. “Love whoever you want…. and beat them” – Is that the full statement?

  7. He’s a self-obsessed celebrity looking for a bigger audience. He’s probably hired a PR company to manage all of this for him, it’s not hard.

    In this modern age “celebs” will say and do anything for another $, including seeming to change their views overnight if it’s likely to get them another few thousand followers.

    The man is a publicity wh*re, just like a thousand other “artists”.

    1. Hmmm. You have to remember that closet cases are often very homophobic and also wife-beaters. Perhaps he’s had councelling following the physical abuse incident and has accepted he’s really gay …?

  8. Colin (London) 3 Oct 2013, 2:24pm

    Hey..maybe we can all change…attitudes, beliefs and physical actions.

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