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Australian trade union: Labor MPs should be forced to vote in favour of equal marriage

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  1. Absolutely it’s a human and civil rights issue, other peoples relationships and marriages are not a matter of conscience for others to impose their views.
    You can’t get married because it is against my religion, conscience, belief…No!
    Apply your conscience to your own relationship’marriage not to the relationships/marriages of others.

    1. But we know that “conscience” is just a euphemism for “prejudice” in this context anyway.

  2. How much better to ‘convince’ them that it is their childish religious conditioining which has warped their minds into believing that perfectly natural human sexuality is a ‘sin’.

    1. Sandgroper 2 Oct 2013, 1:17pm

      Good luck with the convincing….. it aint going to happen.

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