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Video: Julia Gillard notes her ‘dated’ feminist views as reason for opposing equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Oct 2013, 7:46pm

    So she doesn’t believe in marriage for herself but made damned sure that no gay couple should be entitled. Ignorant, selfish twat. To think she was ever elected.

    1. Marcwebbo3 1 Oct 2013, 7:50pm

      Just what I was going to say…..serves her right that she paid the price for her outdated views

      1. Yes and she’s been replaced by somebody who is an even worse bigot than she is.

    2. vversatile 1 Oct 2013, 11:29pm

      Completely agree – except that she never was *actually* elected. She got her position by political assassination.

      1. Sandgroper 2 Oct 2013, 6:19am

        Absolute rubbish. Australia does not have a Presidential head of Government. The narcissist Rudd was out of control & something needed to be done. Gillard called an election, the result was a hung parliament & was the one able to negotiate a coalition of various independents and the greens. She also allowed a conscience vote, unlike Tory Abbott.

        Whilst I never understood her opposition to SSM and was indeed disappointed, at least it appears there was some reasoning & she’s apparently open to persuasion.

        Being a PM is more than just being concerned with SSM & I believe she did an awful lot of good work in important areas. I suspect that she didn’t want the SSM issue to hijack her other work, quite likely given the opposition lead by Abbott & the Murdoch press, who controls 70% of print media plus SkyTV & radio. She has never denigrated gays unlike many in the conservative party. I don’t believe she is above criticism but neither should she be written off on this issue alone.

    3. Sandgroper 2 Oct 2013, 6:28am

      I agree she was selfish on this matter, but you should see what we have now. In some respects she is the opposite of what you have in Britain – a PM good on the issue of SSM but hopeless in other areas, Gillard was hopeless on SSM but good in other areas.

      I think Australia has been as stupid as the USA when they elected George W Bush. Hopefully sense will prevail by the next election.

      1. Except now what they have is a man who is hopelss on SSM AND other areas. Lets be honest, there is still much work to be done tackling homophobia here in Britain, but it will never be as bad as it is down in Oz.

    4. Well said. Her grammar is lousy, too.

  2. She’s a lying bitch! She didn’t make the case that marriage was outdated and misogynistic institution and that’s why she opposed it when she was Prime Minister. She GUSHED over how wonderful and sacred and special the institution was and why it needed to be “protected” from the upstart gays. And even if she has “outdated feminist” ideas about marriage it doesn’t make her look better that she was trying to force her personal outdated ideas on the whole country; particularly when it disadvantaged an already disadvantaged minority community of which she is not a part.

    These people act as if we don’t have Google, videos, transcripts and memories when they outright lie about their records.

    1. Politicians rely on the goldfish memory of the people and often get away with it.

      Case in point: fill the news with constant SYRIA SYRIA SYRIA SYRIA SYRIA and people quickly forget about NSA NSA NSA.

    2. Well said, Hayden. My thoughts exactly. I have never heard such a preposterous argument against equal marriage and the competition is extremely stiff!

      1. I have heard a strikingly similar argument from the mouth of no other than Ben Summerskill, of Stonewall. Only in this case it was ‘gay people don’t want it because….patriarchical…. blah blah blah’.

  3. This doesn’t make any sense. She opposes marriage as a patriarchal institution so wants to preserve its traditions as a patriarchal institution by opposing same-sex marriage?

    Men don’t give their lesbian daughters away to a man at the end of the aisle

    1. PantoHorse 2 Oct 2013, 9:41am

      And being given away by one’s father isn’t the only way to ‘do’ marriage. My partner and I walked in together, because we were committing ourselves equally to one another.

  4. A conscience vote?

    1. You can’t get married because it’s against my religion / beliefs / conscience.

      How about you confine your religious dogma, beliefs and conscience to your own relationships and leave others free to manage their relationships the way they see fit, according to their own conscience and beliefs.

  5. This selfish piece of human trash has set back gay rights in Australia for years. At least 5 as there is no chance of Australia enacting gay marriage whilst the current Ausi arch homophobe is in charge with his right wing party.

  6. That There Other David 1 Oct 2013, 8:53pm

    Yeah, Julia, and the Moon is made of kangaroo dung….

  7. That makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL

  8. dorsetbob 1 Oct 2013, 9:26pm

    I’ve heard many stupid arguments against equal marriage but this one is the dumbest. Is she really saying that she’s against all marriage ?Didnt mention that when she was PM.

  9. wow, just goes to show misogyny runs deep in some of these comments. Gillard never had a chance when the likes of Bolt, Jones, Abbott and the Murdoch press daily attacking her as a strong articulate woman. Her opposition to same sex marriage was a huge disappointment to me but the other positive legislation her minority government passed will be remembered as a huge plus for those with a disability and in need of a decent education. Australia still forks out tax payers money to bring out the English monarch and assorted family members so we still have a way to go to be seen as grown up.

    1. Which remarks above yours do you find mysogynistic and why? Can’t see any myself.

  10. What? She objected to ‘equality’ because she’s a feminist? Sounds to me like she’s one big confused hypocrite.

  11. Elston Gunn 1 Oct 2013, 10:36pm

    It’s entirely true that right wing feminists can be anti-gay. It’s he classic “me first” culture which was around in the 80s and pervades to this day.

    I suspect the real thing that is going on here is that she never gave one thought to lgbt, so off the radar was it to her and the feminist movement, which was particularly puritanical with regards sex and porn in the 80s and has re-emerged again very recently. Very conservative views re. sex can be quite incompatible with the progress of gay rights, as there’s a fair bit of cross over… well that’s my theory

  12. Same as Stonewall

  13. Cade in Aus 2 Oct 2013, 1:17am

    I know I’m in the minority here but I actually didn’t mind her. The thing that annoyed me was that she could never give a coherent argument for her position on gay marriage. But when you compare her to other politicians and the bafoon we have now she doesn’t look that bad. She DID allow a conscious vote on gay marriage which I think is pretty fair.

    1. An unconscious vote, now, would have been interesting!

    2. Cade in Aus 2 Oct 2013, 11:39am

      Haha what was so dislikable about my comment? Morons

  14. Christopher in Canada 2 Oct 2013, 4:32am

    What would Gloria Steinem say?

  15. Speak for yourself, sister!
    You don´t get to to choose for others in accordance with your biased views about marriage.

  16. What an unspeakably stupid bigot Gillard is.

    She’s a sick, vile, hateful thing.

  17. What a selfish hag.

  18. Colin (London) 2 Oct 2013, 8:42am

    I struggle with this woman and her Victorian attitudes for a fairly young woman. Not agreeing personally is one thing but as MP, Party Leader it’s not about her……its about the best for the many, for the society she lives in.

    I often feel we are forced to accept politicians personal views but they are supposed to represent the many and move society on even when on occasions it is not popular. A difficult road yes but that’s the job. She failed at the first fence in my personal opinion.

    Gay marriage has been set back in Australia a great country and that is sad indeed. Their people are wonderful.

    I hope she is not done however and this is not about her politics. She has held office and lives with those scars. A little more life experience and learning and she may yet do what is right by Australia.

  19. How retro !!!!!!

  20. This is BS.
    She decided that because she didn’t believe in marriage in the 80’s, then she would not support the right of gay couples to marry? What kind of twisted logic is that?

    No wonder she was chucked out of government, the woman sounds more idiotic than a US Republican bible-thumper.

    It’s a shame the man who has replaced her isn’t that much more intelligent either.

  21. She’s talking s**t. I’m a feminist (& a lesbian) & what better way to destory the patriarchal opressive BS that comes with ‘traditional’ marriage than allowing gay people to do it! The bigots are right – it will redefine marriage – FOR THE BETTER!! It will be about love, not property, finances, procreation, being ‘looked after’ & all that ancient cr@p.

    1. It hasn’t been about the patriarchy for a while. Do keep up dear. The definition of marriage had to be restricted to love and commitment* before gay marriage could happen.

      * between two people because love and commitment between three or more people just ain’t right according to PN moralists.

  22. Michael 2912 2 Oct 2013, 6:13pm

    Now there’s a toxic combination of characteristics: a closed mind and a cold heart. So she sorted it all out when she was in her late teens and early twenties – for herself and for everyone else. For an example of the sort of person who should never have power: look no further.

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