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US: Pennsylvania county appeals against ruling to block equal marriage

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  1. *sighs* do we really have to play these silly games America? Do we really have to dance this age old dance? Learn from history and GET ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF IT. DO IT NOW. DO IT. GET IT OVER WITH. THE LONGER YOU LEAVE IT THE WORSE IT WILL BE. YOUR GRAND CHILDREN WILL LOOK BACK WITH SHAME. DO IT. DO IT. DO IT.



  2. Beelzeebub 1 Oct 2013, 9:47pm

    A brave honorable empathic man.

    Clearly NOT a Christian.

    1. Colin (London) 2 Oct 2013, 8:59am

      He sure is.

  3. SF Steven 2 Oct 2013, 1:24am

    IF this man isn’t considered to be a candidate for a GAY PRIDE float, something is wrong.
    What concerns me is the fact that the Department of Health filed the law suite. I would think working for the registrars office is a court position and not a position within the Department of Health.

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