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US Olympic skier Bode Miller slams Russia’s anti-gay laws as ‘absolutely embarrassing’

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 1 Oct 2013, 11:47am

    Good for him. Let’s hope a few more are brave enough to speak out against the IOC’s shameful ostrich-like behaviour.

  2. Colin (London) 1 Oct 2013, 11:48am

    Thanks Mr Miller. We appreciate your support and agree with your philosophy.

    I so wish others would say likewise to bring pressure on the IOC and Russia to change for the human rights of 6% of the the people on this planet. 240 million.

    Enjoy the Olympics and good luck

  3. It is really embarrassing that Russian state is deliberately and disingenuously using discredited junk social science studies to encourage homophobia and hatred against a minority in the name of a distorted idea of morality as propaganda for and in collusion with the Russian Orthodox church. What a thoroughly corrupt, morally bankrupt and cowardly lot they have shown themselves to be by gagging all dissent and informed opposition to their corrupt stitch-up.
    The IOC is equally corrupt.

    1. To me, it proves that a sizeable proportion of the Russian population is stupid and backward. That there haven’t been large rallies in support of the LGBT community against this retrograde and disgusting discriminatory legislation, is indicative of a population that is either too thick and which defers to religion or too frightened of Putin’s dictatorship thugs. I think they are VERY foolish not to support the persecution of a minority. Regime’s like Putin’s start with one minority – then move on to others … and finally, ALL dissenters. I hope they don’t come crying to the West when that happens …..

  4. Good on you, Bode … and thanks for the support. And of course, he’s absolutely right. But blame the IOC for it is they who are turning a blind eye to Russia’s BLATANT disreagard for the Olympic Charter.

  5. I agree with Pavlos’ post and would like to add that as long as the issue is reported using the word propaganda, it gives some validity to the Russian government.
    We should be reporting the communication of information around sexual identity and related issues simply as education.

  6. Benjamin Bee 1 Oct 2013, 5:53pm

    Athletes are required to not only boycott SOCHI, but also and more importantly are required to boycott the IOC.

  7. Michael Morin 1 Oct 2013, 6:46pm

    New Hampshire Pride!

  8. well said Bodie, I do feel sorry for those athletes that have worked hard and have no choice as to where the IOC elects to hold the event. IOC is so out of touch here though whether or not they feel Russia has done enough, which is complete garbage in itself, one of the goals of the Olympics and a mandatory condition for a country to host it is that they must deliver a sporting legacy which empowers more people to participate in the sports they have seen. So how can IOC say the charter is satisfied when there is a plethora of evidence that actually shows institutionalised homophobia and perceived prejudice is actually a barrier to sports participation for the LGBT community? I would have thought this aspect would have been eligible for legal challenge on its own.

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