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UK: Lesbian asylum seekers due to be deported to Pakistan

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Reader comments

  1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 1 Oct 2013, 7:14pm

    Very unfair treatment by The UK !

  2. Come on PN your reporting needs work

    First it is several then it turns out of them all, one, is lesbian.

    There are really 3 issues here.

    1 Clearly a lesbian asylum seeker should not be sent back to Pakistan.

    And shame on the UK government for deporting gay asylum seekers back to country’s where they face persecution.

    So much for an ethical foreign policy! (Nasty party strikes again though labour where no better.

    2 5 allege sexual misconduct by guards at Yarlswood. It is easy to make accusations in an effort to not be deported, however SERCO have dismissed 3 members of staff so there must be something to the story. This needs to be properly investigated and criminal action taken.

    If they are in the country illegally then deport them once the matter is investigated. (Not the lesbian of course)

    3. How is it cheaper to pay a private company who must make a profit for shareholders to carry out this work. One way is to pay low wages. You pay peanuts you get monkey.

  3. This is CRAZY. Pakistan ranked highest in the world for gay porn searches they need to stop KIDDING THEMSELVES.

    I wish our government was more compassionate towards LGBT asylum seekers. What a horrific and stressful situation to be in. It’s such a complex and confusing issue I wouldn’t know where to begin

  4. Asylum seekers have been known to lie to get in to the country. I think we’re all aware that if we start letting in asylum seekers who claim to be gay, then “I’m gay” will quickly become the standard excuse for (straight) bogus asylum seekers from anti-gay countries.

    I know that some people think we should let in anyone who turns up here (yep, we’ve got plenty of room and amenities to spare), and I guess the above isn’t a problem for them. But for the rest of us, this is a tricky one: in the absence of an objective “gay test”, there’s no real way of separating the genuine cases of homophobic persecution from the fakers.

    So we either let everyone in who says “I’m gay”, or we turn away all such claims except those who have objective proof (i.e. not just some other person saying so) of being genuinely persecuted in their home country. Sorry but only one of those options is practical. The only real solution is to pressure Pakistan etc to treat their citizens better.

  5. I have an answer. The UN must force countries which persecute gay people to repeal their homophobic laws or face expulsion. Thus, victimisation would end resulting in reduced asylum-seeking.

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