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Spokesman for Hibernian footballer Fraser Mullen says anti-gay tweet was a ‘mistake’

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Reader comments

  1. So why hasn’t he issued an apology?

  2. Lee Dalgleish 1 Oct 2013, 1:43pm

    Ah yes…. A “mistake”
    He just accidentally typed it and pressed “send” eh? ;-)

  3. Michael 2912 1 Oct 2013, 1:47pm

    Twits tweet!

    My (slightly tongue-in-cheek) theory is that he made a pass (geddit?) at a cute guy and was rebuffed. That’d certainly explain why his evening was ruined and, listen up, he hasn’t denied it.

  4. It certainly was a mistake – as is not having enough of “a set” to apologise himself.

  5. “He went out and one or two people had given him a hard time…”

    Good to see the spokesman has a sense of humor

  6. “it was a mistake to broadcast my bigotry to the world because now everyone thinks I’m a bigot”

  7. It was a mistake?
    Well done for figuring that out Sherlock.

    The report appears to give the impression that deleting the tweet resolves the issue.
    It doesn’t.

    The underlying issue is that which is highlighted in the article by Daniel Aldridge of Stonewall.

    We need to see a response from the player, and not his minder or his dad, that shows remorse and understanding of the negative impact a public figure and role model can have.

    p.s. this is Gabe’s mum apologising for his ranting post.

  8. Maybe he needs to, quote, ‘grow a set’ and apologize instead of hiding behind this mouthpiece. (PN will probably delete this comment of mine too, so i hope you get to read it before it’s censored)

  9. Derek Williams 1 Oct 2013, 2:32pm

    If someone apologises and we do not accept the apology graciously, then I do not see this ending well.

    That said, has there been an apology?

    1. “He lashed out but he deleted the tweet straight away” isn’t exactly an apology, is it?

    2. No – as of typing, he has NOT apologised – just admitted it was a ‘mistake’. It sure was because the world now knows what a homophobic bigot he is. This nobhead is, in a teeny-weeny way, a ‘role model’. Remarks like his are saeen by the brainless as permission to bully others homophobically. He should make a VERY loud and public apology. His club should suspend him and the FA should censure him – just as it would had he made a similarly insulting racist remark.

  10. john lyttle 1 Oct 2013, 2:55pm

    He can be had.

  11. Stonewall needs to shut its whore mouth.

    Its ONLY contribution to tackling homophobia is taking cash bribes from Paddy Power to buy rainbow shoelaces.

    Both Fraser Mullen and Hibernians are on Twitter.

    Contact them directly to let them know what you think of them.

    1. “whore mouth” I lol’d

  12. Of course it was a mistake, we almost believe you!

    And yet, no apology.

  13. “A spokesman for Hibernian footballer Fraser Mullen says it was a “mistake” of him to make a homophobic remark on Twitter”

    Don’t you think it should read that it was a mistake of Fraser Mullen to make a homophobic remark FULL STOP.

  14. ItchycooMark 1 Oct 2013, 4:25pm

    He has apologised now

    don’t act like a prick then you don’t have to apologise for being one

  15. Paul Brownsey 1 Oct 2013, 4:31pm

    It was NOT a mistake.

    Wrongdoers have a vested interest in calling their wrong-doing a mistake because it likens really nasty behaviour to something like getting two digits of your PIN number the wrong way round.

    Behaviour that springs from vicious impulses is not a mistake.

    The Roman Catholic Church at one point issued a statement saying that Carrdinal O’Brien’s behaviour was a mistake. That makes it sound as if he groped the wrong young priest in the dark.

  16. Staircase2 1 Oct 2013, 4:36pm

    …What does ‘bore off’ mean…?

  17. johnny33308 1 Oct 2013, 4:38pm

    Oh, so it is just a ‘mistake’ and you’re ‘sorry’ to be homophobic? But it continues to happen anyway. The only time this lot are ever really ‘sorry’ is when they are called out. It seems that most hetero male athletes are bigoted. All over the world! Now this one has a ‘spokesman’ apologize ‘for’ him, instead of being a real man and doing it himself. Cowardly Wanker!

  18. He looks a bird brain….tweet tweet

  19. t is he that needs to “grow some”

  20. “and grow a set” .. via his SPOKESMAN! LOL .. you couldn’t make it up

  21. He’s 19, was hassled on a night out, wrote a homophobic tweet (not aimed at gays) about one of the guys hassling him, he deleted it a few minutes later, his agent apologised, he apologised, he’s front page news in the local tabloid and he has to play for Hibs.

    Think we should all bore off now ;-)

    1. The problem is that people still think it’s acceptable to use homophobic slurs in the year 2013. Homophobic slurs like “faggot” and “that’s gay” that go unchallenged provide a climate of hostility which acts as a DIRECT precursor to violence and bullying.

      In the hierarchy of genocide, verbal slurs are the first step on the ladder. In a climate where a group can be systematically slandered without question; it’s very easy for the hate to escalate.

      It starts with insults, then you see people being targeted in the street, then you see them being purged from institutions and communites, then they are rounded up for the slaughter.

      You need to understand the only reason LGBT people are still being stabbed and slaughtered on the streets of New York is because there’s still a climate of hostility achieved through WORDS. The words give a green light for the next steps on the ladder. They have to be challenged every single time.

      Drops in the bucket maybe, but not immune from consequence.

  22. Richard the Big Bunny 1 Oct 2013, 8:38pm


  23. “It just slipped out” Yeah right.

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