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Rod Liddle: If Stephen Fry thinks Russia is bad for gay people, try the World Cup in Qatar

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Reader comments

  1. I find it worrying that Pink News is reporting on this person without honestly acknowledging his racism against black people, his sexism, his islamophobia (he refers to muslim people as ‘savages’.

    It also fails to mention that Liddle has a boss from Russia who is close to Putin.

    What is the agenda of PN here?

    1. Colin (London) 1 Oct 2013, 4:23pm

      I did not know this..Thanks for the education.

      However we need to think about Qatar as well.

    2. Sorry – who is this ‘boss’ you refer to? Liddle is associate editor of The Spectator which, as far as I know, is owned by the British Barclay Brothers ….

    3. Liddle is a provocateur who enjoys annoying people, but I have never known him to decry aspects of Islam that other (liberal) people in the UK wouldn’t denounce as readily. I haven’t come across any racism against black people, perhaps you could cite some examples?

      Who is this Russian you refer to, and how is he LIddle’s boss?

      1. What?!?? Google Liddell racism and stop being an idiot Reham. I swear this site is racist too.

        1. OK, I have, and I can see your point with regard to the 2009 Spectator article; whether you think he’s racist for his remarks about Lee Rigby’s murderers depends on whether you think race can be separated from the issue or not – and I don’t think it can.

  2. Strongfemme 1 Oct 2013, 4:24pm

    Here is a link to what is really happening in Russia.

  3. Qatar is strange place. I’ve worked with a number of Qatari companies over the years in both the Uk and Doha. To be honest i”ve never seen so many homosexuals – they could have a Pride rally of their own. I almost wondered if they positively discriminated in favour of queens in their HR policy!!! Just find the whole thing bizarre!

  4. Derek Williams 1 Oct 2013, 4:40pm

    I agree with Liddle, the World Cup should NOT be held there. No event of international good will should be held in any country with documented and systemically supported human rights abuses.

    1. hmm, interesting view Derek and out of curiosity whats your view on lets say usa hosting international events? after all it aids and supports saudi arabia regime

  5. Paula Thomas 1 Oct 2013, 5:06pm

    Yes the World Cup should not be in Qatar in 2022. But does that make it right that the Winter Olympics are going to be in Russia next year? Does it hell!!

  6. He’s absolutely correct. The competition should NOT be held there … as should not the Winter Games in Russia. If we are allegedly ‘civilised’ we must show these backward nations that discrimination – especially on the grounds of someone’s sexuality is totally wrong -whatever ‘religious’ reasons these countries cite as justification. It’s time we stopped pussy-footing around and told religion it can NEVER be a
    licence to peddle hatred and division. How much happier and more co-operative the world would have been without it …..

  7. When Stephen Fry wrote his recent open letter to Putin, this Rush Limbaugh wannabe wrote a derisive article in the Sunday Times about it – and got several things wrong that showed he had not even bothered to read it properly. So his apparent defence of the gay people in Qatar is decidedly hollow.

    That said – there is a serious issue about the World Cup location – and the dozens of other countries that are very anti-gay. But suggesting that because one place is terrible we should be rather nice to Mr Putin is just ridiculous.

  8. That There Other David 1 Oct 2013, 5:53pm

    In his own words the situation in Qatar has recently improved, whereas the situation in Russia is deteriorating.

    We’ll get to Qatar and FIFA soon enough. We have 9 years yet. Sochi is a few months away.

  9. Benjamin Bee 1 Oct 2013, 6:06pm

    COI is the problem. Athletes are required to boycott COI !

  10. It is not about which one is worst and which one is best. What it is about is that homophobia is not acceptable, nor in Russia, nor Qatar or anyplace for that matter.

  11. Far too many people, like this guy, seem to think LGBT people can only focus on one thing at a time.

    I don’t understand this completely failed logic. So, because we’re infuriated about Sochi, we can’t also be infuriated about Qatar?

    Are these “journalists” (and I use that term VERY loosely) really so intellectually faulty that they don’t see the massive campaigning going on every day against all homophobia around the world? No, I guess it’s just a convenient vehicle for attacking people more popular than you, more successful, those that traditionally go against your simplistic views.

    This guy should have the basic intellect to know that the “gay lobby ” (is this akin to the “gay mafia”?) has been, and will continue to be, critical of all nations where such homophobia and right-wing extremism exists, and just because we’re focused on Russia right now does not mean all is forgiven when it comes to other despicable nations with draconian laws.

    Qatar’s time will come, just watch.

    1. I don’t think Liddle is saying that because Qatar is worse we should ignore Russia though, is he? Not from what I can glean from this article anyway.

  12. unlike russia qutar doesnt pretend to be democracy

  13. Jennifer Ashcroft 16 Oct 2013, 4:39pm

    There are many reasons why the decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar ranks as one of the most appallingly corrupt ever made in the history of world sport:

  14. A friend of mine used to live with Rod. I wouldn’t be taking lessons on morals & ethics there.

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