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Footballer Fraser Mullen: I deeply regret my ‘stupid’ anti-gay tweet

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Reader comments

  1. We forgive you

    Just don’t do it again and we’ll be cool

  2. 19 year-old footballer in ‘being an ignorant fool’ shocker…

  3. Yes I agree, his apology seems sincere. We all make stupid mistakes sometimes and say things we wished we hadn’t and he realizes this, which is a good thing. The matter is closed as far as I am concerned.

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Oct 2013, 7:05pm

      I very much doubt that will be the case on here …. experience tells me that an apology goes no where.

      Graciously accept his apology? I should cocoa!!!!

      Give it twenty four hours and this comments page will be festooned with people wanting the life of his first born, or his b0llocks on their barbeque – before they would even consider forgiving him (and obviously having considered, it they would still refuse to).

  4. Good lad.

    Now just make sure you pass this learning experience on to your colleagues.

  5. Well make mistakes especially when we are young. He has apologised. If it does not happen again let this be an end to the matter.

    As for wanting his bollocks on a barbecue I can think of much better places for them…….My bed for one :D

    1. Just his bollocks? <<<<<>>>>>

      Are you Hannibal Lecter or something?

      1. LOL well the rest of him would have to follow as well :D

      2. Don’t think MarkB has eating him in mind, well………

    2. *gasp* mark you cheeky devil

  6. The ‘apology’ is one of the currencies of the celebrity…….how very forgiving we all are…..something to do with the pic ;)

    Seriously, I have no need to punish, or humiliate….but, I think the word sorry can be very empty unless it is uttered with the feeling of remorse….I don’t know which is the case here. I hope it is sincere, cos he is kind of cute ;)

    1. Hey now, I don’t find him attractive at all!!!

      You know, it is possible to have principles and still find someone good looking. I like a bit of man cake, but if that man cake is a HORRIBLE BIGOT I can HATE that man cake but I can still think he looks rather tasty, despite being a horrible poisonous piece of putrid nob rot on the inside.

      Principles over penis, Richard. Principles over penis.

  7. Anybody got some spare rainbow laces? On second thoughts, that would look only slightly less cynical than Mel Gibson wearing a ‘Kool Kosher’ t-shirt.

  8. People need to learn that ” I want to apologize for any offense this has caused” IS NOT an apology. A true apology should read: ” I want to apologize for the any offense I HAVE caused”. The former is a cop out and removes the blame completely from the utterer.

  9. If he truly is sorry then I’m sure he’d be happy to wear a pair of rainbow laces from now on.

    1. Is that the penalty we give to people now? You say something homophobic, you pay the price in shoelaces ya b*stard!! When racists are racists, people burn down their freakin house as punishment. They get fired. They get death threats. They have to move country.

      Seems our style of vigilante minority justice is to enforce the wearing of shoelaces!

      How very cliche of us! LOL

      1. Well we could insist he gets sacked and is never allowed to play professional football again.

        I have no idea if this idiotic teenager really is homophobic or not. He carelessly used homophobic slurs like many young people do. That doesn’t excuse it or make it right, but I can’t quite bring myself to be outraged by it.

        But he has apologised and this incident has drawn attention to casual homophobia particularly in football.

  10. David Walsh 1 Oct 2013, 10:15pm

    Accept his apology? No way, he probably hates gay people. Why was his choices of words inappropriate? He doesn’t say. I guess the better thing to do would be to insult gay people more politely.

    Nineteen is old enough to not be a bigot, and a comment like his is enough for him to lose public respect, at least for now.

    1. It’s difficult to find out what the situation was but from what I can glean he was getting hassle on a night out relating to his recent move from Hearts to Hibs and posted the Tweet ..I’m sure we have all said something to create an affect even if we don’t mean the words .. but of course nowadays when something is said by someone in the public eye ..the whole World and it’s granny is immediately offended and then also offended on behalf of others .. I honestly cannot see myself getting all hot and bothered if I had read his Tweet .It doesn’t seem to have been directed at some particular @ person .

      1. I think the fact he used homosexuality as a slur means he is somewhat homophobic, undeniably so. When we insult someone, we do it to assert dominance our dominance. If a man wants to insult the other man and assert his dominance by making the other man weaker than him, he finds ways to “degrade” him. That is why men always call each other “girls”, “pansies” and “fags” as insults, because it’s DEGRADING them to the WEAK status of FEMALES or GAYS! (in their head)

        1. Damn i-phones……

        2. I don’t think I really agree here. I’m sure there are a great many people who use the slur as you describe, but I think a lot of people, maybe even most of them, use it more in the vernacular. I caught my Godson (who is one my favourite people on the planet) calling a game gay cos he was getting frustrated. He knows who and what I am and loves me to bits. It becomes “part of the slang vocab” from the playground I think. I’ll never be offended by it (but I did point out some people would be) because the context is whats important.

          I’m a worrier, by and large, and my boss occasionally refers to my being a drama queen. I’m not taking him to a tribunal cos I know his intent. Is this guy not just guilty of using the vernacular at some random who was giving him grief? Have we not all done that?

          Hope I don’t get too badly flamed for this :o) I just think there should be a difference between venomously screaming “come bak ere u faggot while I stove your ed in” and what this guy said.

      2. I don’t buy this at all.
        I have never used a racial slur to attack someone, and I would never use sexuality or gender to do so either. The idea that people who are not homophobic or not racist would use such slurs in an attack on others is nonsense.
        It’s there in his vocabulary for a reason, these methods of verbal assault don’t just spring into a persons head from nowhere.

        1. Never? Not even when you were a teenager? You’ve never even once referred to, say, the French as Frogs, even as a joke?

          I think you’re being a bit hard here. Of course these words don’t come from nowhere, they’re part and parcel of the way a lot of people talk (deplorably so) – hence the ongoing wrangle about whether “That’s so gay” is actually homophobic or not. This boy might well be guilty of nothing more than a degree of stupidity and of speaking thoughtlessly. With any luck the stir over the incident may well make him and his ilk think twice in future.

          1. No, believe it or not, I haven’t. Because that’s not in my general vocabulary. I was not raised to be racist in any way, I reject it.

            Maybe I’m just different, but language is important to me and I understand that for something to be so easily used it has to be quite prominent in your vocabulary.

            Someone who uses words like this doesn’t just decide one day that it would be appropriate to use it, they have long used them in their language.

            It’s interesting to me that these people never seem to consider the number of friends they’ve lost because of things like this, without them even knowing it. I have cut ties with several people over the years for their racist views, people I worked with, people I enjoyed a pint in the pub with, even long-term friends who started leaning that way through the influence of partners.

            If someone says anything like this in my presence, I give them my opinion, if it happens again, they’re surgically removed from my life. I don’t accept it at all.

          2. I’ll take your word for it, but you must have had an admirably and unusually enlightened upbringing. I wish I could say my childhood and adolescence were entirely free of negative stereotyping and casual slurs but, although I like to think I was relatively well-brought-up, I can’t hand-on-heart say that was the case.

            I’m a great believer in the human capacity for improvement though, so I hope Mullen will learn from this incident and develop a greater understanding of the implications of using some words.

  11. Perhaps a kick to his huge footballers income by way of a fine will serve to focus his mind on refraining from any further such vile, homophobic outbursts? Perhaps a large donation to a LGBT charity may makes amends ….?

  12. Let’s see what Hibs think is an an appropriate punishment for him. He’s a young lad, let’s hope he learns from this and moves on. He deleted his tweet within 10 minutes remember, so he new he’d made a mistake almost immediatey.

  13. SF Steven 2 Oct 2013, 1:33am

    I’m sorry but I don’t believe the apology was sincere. How many times have athletes around the world have made disgusting tweets and other written or verbal comments and ONLY AFTER people raising a fuss come up with an apology to save face.

    If he was truly sorry, he would have written and verbally apologized to the press BEFORE the public was outraged and more importantly BEFORE his spokesperson/agent suggested he do so.

    I’m sorry but I don’t buy it.

  14. Maybe the guy was a poof bore?

  15. Philip Breen 2 Oct 2013, 7:31am

    He’s young. I suspect he will have learnt from this episode how upsetting the consequences of homophobia are and won’t do it again.

  16. commonsense 2 Oct 2013, 7:41am

    What completely surprises me is the fact that people seem to think he wrote that ‘apology’ himself! Get real people, it’s straight out of a manager’s office via the legal team! You go from Neanderthal rant to sincerely eloquent in the blink of an eye? I think not…

  17. So, he’s barely literate in his insults, then his “agent” apologizes on his behalf, and then he issues a perfectly scripted apology himself?

    This is a PR persons nightmare, coming back from a statement like that always looks cynical, and an apology and a statement that it was stupid does nothing to actually change the intent or the fact that he said it to start with.

    It’s interesting that so many here are so quick to accept this cynical apology. It couldn’t possibly be because he’s an attractive young man, could it?

    If he looked more average, I very much doubt people here would be falling over themselves to forgive. That’s extremely disappointing to me.

    People don’t “accidentally” use homophobic and racial slurs. They exist in their vocabulary for a reason. Think about the things you might call someone even in the heat of the moment, would you resort to racism? I doubt it, unless you have a history of racism and those terms are so readily at the tip of your tongue.

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